Welcome to the wild world of UNICO 2087 Riviera Maya, the stage for our latest TAG creation. Today, we tell a tale of empowerment, of inspiration, of the steps we take to move forward.

Meet our superstar, Gerardo Felgueres of Felgueres Travel. His role is one of pure connection, of touching in deeply to his essence, connecting with the verdant landscape and with himself through the medium of our lens.

What is it to be in a body? What is the presence that we feel beneath the flesh and bone? So often, we float through our days, distant and seamless, absorbing the energies of those around us – the stress, the discomfort, the fear. We forget our bodies. We forget to connect.

We re-enter through feeling, through existing in the smooth edges of our being. We re-enter through listening, through receiving the messages that the world has to offer us, and by choosing what to permit, what to accept, what to acknowledge. Most of all, we re-enter through ourselves, through movement, and sensation, and intuition.

Being present with yourself doesn’t always come naturally. We have to create the space to invite ourselves back to this moment, to get out of our heads, and our narratives of what’s next, our stories of all of the things that are never enough. Truly being with yourself means celebrating what you do have right here and right now, and riding that wave of gratitude into the grandeur of what’s next.

It shouldn’t surprise you that nature is the catalyst for connection. The earth from which we were born is overflowing with inspiration, ready to motivate us into the next creative act. Nature is UNICO! As is our stage for this obra – the return to oneself, the renewal of the reconnecting spark, the homecoming of the soul essence.

Allow it to reclaim you. Allow the forces of nature to take you home to yourself, to nurture the primitive creative truth that is your existence. Recharge in the cloud of healing ions encircling your body. Breathe and feel.

Gerardo is our mirror, a face reflecting our own in each and every facet. His crystalline eyes echo a truth buried deep in each and every one of us. Reconnect and you will see.