Welcome to the gorgeous Conrad Tulum Riviera Maya where the Brickell Travel team is celebrating 15 years of excellence. Join us as we tell you about an exceptional team, an exceptional place, and the unforgettable day we had with them.  Right when we stepped into the lobby, the architecture and design of the Conrad immediately caught our eye. The earthy color palette sets a vibe that doesn’t go unnoticed.

There, we were welcomed by Ennio Gonzalez, Director of Operations who invited us to the bar to celebrate the 15-year milestone. As we toasted, he assured us that this was just the beginning of this quest.  “¡Esto es solo el principio!”  He told us Brickell Travel’s vision for reaching new heights, we found ourselves totally caught up in the excitement with him.

After a delicious drink to their success at the bar, we were joined by Jose Maria Zenteno, Corporate Team Manager from the Mexico office. Jose Maria couldn’t wait to share their developments in next-level technology and their engagement with innovation.

Eventually the conversation moved to the familia Brickell from Miami felt being in the Riviera Maya and Ennio told us how they’ve united at the Conrad to savor the pleasures of life as a celebration of their success together.

We left Ennio and Jose Maria at the bar to continue to explore the stunning hallways of the hotel. We were lucky enough to find Karina Dominguez, the Social Media Coordinator. It’s her job to share the buzz online, and it might not be part of the job description –Karina is working it because not only is she giving you the low-down on social media, she’s looking fly while doing it.

Karina told us we absolutely had to eat in Ukai, one of the hotel’s exquisite restaurants known for its sustainably sourced sushi. We decided we couldn’t say no to sushi and headed on over to treat ourselves. And treat ourselves, we did. Not only was the sushi award winning, we swear the restaurant’s décor made the food taste better.

While we were stuffing ourselves with perfect bites of fish, Marc Da Rocha just so happened to be passing by. The Director of Sales stopped at our table to say a quick hello, and chat about their strategies for growth and what the path had brought them until now.

After our quick sushi snack, we continued our tour of the hotel and eventually got to what felt like a magical oasis tucked away in the heart of the jungle. The view was breath-taking, the vibes impeccable, and some of the Brickell Travel team was spending time by the pool and making memories.

We were dipping our toe at the pool and feeling one with nature when we encountered none other than the newest addition to the team, Carole-Anne Hughs Wood, Director of Marketing. Carole-Anne is an icon in her field. Her seamless integration into the “familia” has been due to her being a truly perfect match.

Marc came to join us and the team reminisced about first days and first impressions. In what seemed to be a general consensus, they all agreed that this was “just the beginning”, like Ennio had previously stated.

We stepped out of the water to soak up some sun along with Carmen Sanabria, the Groups and Incentives Manager. Carmen talked to us about everything from the importance of authenticity and loyalty in business relationships to her favorite sunblock brand. We always feel like a part of the family when we’re with the Brickell Travel gang.

Finally, we continued our exploration of the hotel and crossed paths with Haydee Blanco, Director of Operations (Corporate). After an excited hello, she wasted no time inviting us to the beach. “¡Vamos a la playa!” she exclaimed, and so of course we followed as she led the way. We talked about the perfect time to go to the beach, deciding between noon and sunset was our favorite.

Eventually we went back on site, where we found the only person we had not seen yet: Jeisa Gutierrez, Corporate Teams Manager, relaxing in the shade with a couple of her colleagues.

Finally our day came to a close, and Ennio asked if we were ready to hit the town. We were filled with a sense of reluctance to leave and say goodbye. But of course we knew with the familia Brickell Travel and the spectacular Conrad Tulum Riviera Maya,  it was only “hasta pronto” until our next adventure.