There exists a place where the lavish jungle meets crystal-clear waters and golden shores, and the sun paints the sky in hues of rose and gold.  It’s here, amidst the shining shimmering backdrop of the Riviera Maya, that we find ourselves drawn to unravel the secrets of one of luxury travel’s most illustrious figures.

Enter Jason Squatriglia, a connoisseur of opulent odysseys and curator of bespoke travel experiences. An integral part of the esteemed team at Your Favorite Travel Agent, an Embark Beyond affiliate, Jason is synonymous with the pinnacle of luxurious travel, crafting journeys that redefine wanderlust. We met up with Jason to get up close and personal, delve into what he loves most, discover who has his heart, and discover what makes Jason – well – Jason!

Having a conversation with Jason is a lot like embarking on a journey in that you’ll have a blast but not without its share of elegance. His brainchild, Your Favorite Travel Agent, is renowned for its unique luxury travel experiences, highlighting his commitment to orchestrating unforgettable escapades that transcend the ordinary. With a keen eye for detail and an innate understanding of luxury, Jason crafts travel narratives that blend indulgence with adventure, ensuring each sojourn is a masterpiece in its own right. “Honestly,” he said between sips of his beverage, “Life is too short and too sweet to not be lived to the fullest”.

At Your Favorite Travel Agent, where “dreams take flight and desires are transformed into reality”, Jason’s unmistakable presence is felt. His love for luxurious travel experiences isn’t merely professional; it’s a lifestyle etched into every meticulously crafted itinerary and handpicked destination. Jason’s vibrant persona radiates through his zest for life and the energy he infuses into each journey. 

As conversation naturally gravitated towards travel, we inquired about his current favorite destination. Without hesitation, Jason shared, “Maldives! It’s the one place in the world that encapsulates the purity of nature, the epitome of luxury, it has unparalleled privacy, and endless activities for all travelers.” When asked what he loved about traveling he said, “Traveling allows me to live life to the fullest, and getting to play a role in the travel plans of friends and family alike is fulfilling in more ways than I’ll ever be able to articulate.”

Sounds like that’s where we’ll be meeting up next! See you soon, Jason!