Welcome to a dazzling celebration marking the 40th anniversary of ID Travel Group! Founded by the ever-charismatic Maurice Bonham-Carter, ID Travel Group has blossomed into a global luxury travel titan, setting the gold standard for elite travel experiences.

Maurice Bonham-Carter, Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer

First, let’s talk about Maurice Bonham-Carter, the visionary who turned his hotelier dreams into a luxury travel empire. Picture this: Maurice, his signature warmth and charm,  mingling with top hoteliers and VIPs, recounting the journey from operating his own hotel to creating Island Destinations. His strategic partnership with Grace Bay Resorts over 20 years ago was a game-changer, turning the relatively unknown Turks and Caicos into a coveted destination.

Laurie Palumbo, Partner and Chief Operating Officer

Next up, the fabulous Laurie Palumbo. Laurie, always dressed to impress, was seen in a stunning coral dress at The Ocean Estate at South Bank, by Grace Bay Resorts. Laurie spends half her time globe-trotting, scouting the next big destinations to keep Island Destinations ahead of the curve. Her contributions are crucial in maintaining the high standards and luxury service that Island Destinations is known for.

Let’s not forget the financial wizard behind Island Destinations, Padu Padmanaban. Known for his impeccable taste and sharp business acumen, Padu ensures the company remains fiscally robust while looking like he’s ready for his next cover shoot.

Paul Cleary, Partner and Chief Commercial Officer – and Chief Executive Officer of Caribtours

Paul Cleary, the dynamic Chief Commercial Officer of Island Destinations and CEO of Caribtours, doesn’t stay behind on the looks.  Caribtours’ recent merger with Island Destinations has expanded its reach across the globe, bringing unparalleled travel experiences to clients in the US, Canada, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Ireland.

Laurie Palumbo and Nikheel Advani, Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer & Principal of Grace Bay Resorts

An unforgettable highlight of the celebration was seeing the incredible bond of Laurie Palumbo and Nikheel Advani, co-founder of Grace Bay Resorts, as they share a heartfelt moment about their friendship they’ve created over the past 17 years.

Jennifer Molloy, Director of Sales and Operations

Jenn Molloy is matching the turquoise waters of South Bank in a cyan dress and accessorizing perfectly with a burnt orange shoulder purse. Jenn is at the heart of sales and operations. Her outfit reminded us of a turquoise beach and the occasional orange shell on the pristine sand. Truly a vision!

Jodi Lubin, Director of Strategic Sales

Jodi Lubin, seen in a lavender outfit that offsets her beautiful eyes, drives the company’s strategic sales initiatives with her bubbly personality and loyal advisor following. A perfect shoulderless top and skirt to beat the heat at Grace Bay.

Raquel Suarez, Director of Product Management

Raquel Suarez, stylish in an elegant bun and turquoise dress, oversees product management with a discerning eye. Her dedication to quality ensures that Island Destinations’ portfolio remains top-notch, offering the best luxury destinations and experiences.

The very lovely Jessie Tropeano leads marketing efforts, crafting compelling narratives that capture the essence of luxury travel. Her work is about making sure that the brand remains synonymous with excellence and sophistication. We met up with the ladies to have a drink at the Grace Bay Club where the energy was impeccable.

A Week of Festivities in Turks and Caicos. On left, Rebecca Bryson, Head of Sales, UK. On right, Jenny Peart, Head of Commercial, UK.

Captured outside the Grace Bay Club Coco Boutique, the UK, Caribtours Office team, Rebecca and Jenny are looking divine. Celebrating at the stunning Grace Bay Resorts is the perfect backdrop for the week-long festivities. Picture-perfect moments are captured at every turn, showcasing the lush beauty of the Turks and Caicos.

From left: Jennifer Molloy, Rebecca Bryson, and Jessie Tropeano

Cocktails on the water? Yes, please! Jenn Molloy, Rebecca Bryson, and Jessie Tropeano join in the vibrant atmosphere. Together, they embody the spirit and dedication that drive Island Destinations’ success. Time to celebrate!

Paul Cleary, looking effortlessly dapper in a sleek gray suit, enjoys a moment of laughter by the infinity pool.

Jodi Lubin and Jenn Molloy light up the dance floor with their infectious smiles and boundless energy. Their joy and camaraderie are the heart and soul of Island Destinations because as we know, any  celebration is better together.

Are they models or travel lumineers? Both! A moment by the pool with Padu Padmanaban, straight out of the pages of GQ! Well, maybe not –but you could have fooled us!

That’s a wrap! The 40th anniversary celebration of Island Destinations in Turks and Caicos was nothing short of spectacular. With luminaries like Maurice Bonham-Carter, Laurie Palumbo, Paul Cleary, Padu Padmanaban, and the entire dedicated team, the event was a testament to their collective passion and dedication. From poolside relaxation to lively dancing, and stylish gatherings to heartfelt toasts, every moment was filled with joy and camaraderie.