In the sun-kissed paradise of Conrad Tulum Riviera Maya, where the turquoise waters whisper tales of love and the golden sands hold secrets of romance, there reigns a group of wedding planners who will have you wanting to say “I do”.

First up there’s Lorena Armengal, Director of Celebración by Lorena Armengual, who finds her greatest fulfillment in wedding planning when witnessing her clients’ joy firsthand: “My passion for wedding planning grows stronger seeing my clients’ radiant smiles during their unforgettable event.” She tells us. When asked what makes her unique she immediately knew. “My years of experience in the hotel and romance industries enable me to not only meet, but also surpass, their expectations, offering seamlessly designed events in ideal settings.”

Introducing Ana Gabriela Lavor Silveira, affectionately known as Gabi Lavor, the powerhouse behind Canteiro Weddings By Planner 1 Group. As the owner and Creative Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Gabi embodies dedication to creativity and thrives on the challenges that each project brings. “What has always fascinated me is the art of creation and the challenges that each project or event we are working on presents,” she shares with excitement. Drawing upon over 30 years of experience in coordinating events of diverse cultures and needs, Gabi, alongside her team of over 300 collaborators, endeavors to ensure that every occasion is not just special, but truly memorable and inspiring. “This is the secret: accepting the challenges, focusing not only on the fantasy and the aesthetics, but also on the solutions for every essential part of the event,” she emphasizes.

Now, for the beautiful Diana Marcela Romo Lopez, brilliant CEO and Founder of Diana Romo Weddings, a distinguished haven for couples seeking bespoke celebrations. Established in 2017, this dynamic team of planners and designers has carved a niche for themselves by shunning the ordinary and embracing the extraordinary. With over 60 lovingly curated weddings under their belt, each a dazzling display of personalized opulence, Diana Romo Weddings has earned a reputation as tastemakers in the industry. Their secret? The elusive ‘DRW Factor,’ a touch of magic that connects through every event, ensuring a flawless experience with just the right amount of flair. Accolades such as the prestigious 2020 Wedding of the Year award from Junebug Weddings and a spot among the Top 10 Wedding Planners in Mexico by WedVibes serve as testament to their excellence. Featured in leading wedding publications, they’re the go-to for couples craving a celebration as unique as their love story.

Of course there’s the incomparable Patricia Gonzalez, the mastermind behind Love on Top Weddings, where she intertwines the roles of wedding planner and design virtuoso. With an affinity for crafting unique, stylish, and curated celebrations, Patricia caters to couples who demand nothing short of the utmost sophistication and flair. At Love on Top Weddings, each event is a masterpiece, carefully tailored to encapsulate the essence of the couple’s love story. “We’re not just planning weddings, darling, we’re curating experiences,” Patricia says. From the initial consultation to the final flourish, she works tirelessly to ensure that every detail reflects the couple’s style, personalities, and the unique bond that unites them. With a keen eye for design and a knack for storytelling, Patricia transforms into reality, creating weddings that are as chic and unforgettable as they are fun and whimsical.

Meet Michelle Elizabeth Salazar Prieto, the almighty orchestrator behind My Perfect Wedding Mexico, where love reigns supreme. “Love is what spins the world,” Michelle muses. It’s a belief that guides her every step, for she knows that everything crafted with love follows the natural flow of life, connecting us to our true selves and to one another. Drawing inspiration from the remarkable individuals she encounters and their unique journeys in the realm of love, Michelle’s heart beats to the rhythm of storytelling and celebration. At My Perfect Wedding, it’s not merely about planning events—it’s about diving deep into the narratives of couples, understanding their wishes, and bringing them to life in the most enchanting of ways. For Michelle, every wedding is an opportunity to create something truly perfect—an ode to love, connection, and the profound beauty found in life’s most cherished moments.

Arlenis Ruiz, the prowess behind Arlenis Ruiz Soulful Events, invites you into a world where romance is always in the air and love stories are constantly unfolding. With a heart brimming with a devotion to beautiful narratives of love, Arlenis blends her expertise in tourism with her love for creating unique, tailor-made weddings. “Hola, I’m Arlenis,” she greets us with a smile that challenges the sun. In her world, every element is thoroughly planned, every moment infused with soulful elegance. Collaborating closely with her clients, Arlenis ensures that their personalities, styles, and hopes are threaded into the fabric of their special day, honoring the memories that are so cherished. For Arlenis, there’s no greater joy than putting together celebrations that reflect the unique essence of each couple and leave hearts aflutter with joy.

Enter the ever mesmerizing Alejandra Solís, the radiant visionnaire behind IMMER & Co. Events. As a Destination Wedding and Event Planner, Alejandra tells us, “bringing into life a dreamed celebration for someone with different culture and traditions is an honor,” she reflects with genuine warmth. With each project, Alejandra and her team at IMMER & Co. Events craft more than just events—they create magical experiences that linger in the hearts of all who attend.

Who can forget Jane Novelo, the genius behind Jane & Co Weddings & Events, where moments are curated into timeless treasures. As a seasoned Wedding Planner, Jane’s commitment to formulating enduring experiences is palpable in what she discusses. “I feel a deep connection with my clients,” she shares. Jane thrives on understanding their example and bringing it to life with a touch of finesse and sophistication. With each project, she relishes the opportunity to blend her clients’ personalities, tastes, and traditions into a collage of Best Memories. Every wedding is so much more to Jane. “Each couple becomes a new family that stays in my heart!”

Presenting Margarita Aide Gallardo Castillo, the ingenious force behind S.O.S. Wedding Planners. “What inspires me most is the opportunity to collaborate with couples from around the globe,” she shares with genuine enthusiasm. Margarita thrives on bringing their unique mental picture to life, infusing each celebration with meticulous thoroughness and creativity. With a predilection for coming up with innovative designs and exploring new horizons, Margarita ensures that every event she curates is a testament to love, connection, and the art of celebration. In her capable hands, weddings transcend mere gatherings, becoming cherished memories that resonate long after the final toast.