What a wonderful thing – when women come together to support each other, becoming even more powerful in doing so. And what better women to demonstrate strength in numbers than these two rockstars of GRUPO NUBA México, the largest luxury travel company in Latin America!

First up, the fabulous and vivacious Mariana Lazzeri. Full of fabulous ideas and a spunky can-do attitude, this is a woman who knows how to get things done! Frontwoman of her own one-woman show, she also loves to collaborate with other brilliant minds …

… like the delightful darling Alejandra Garza! Another amazingly agile and active force in the international luxury travel spotlight, she is a force to be reckoned with! Edgy and outgoing, her ideas are fresh and her vision keen.

With their powers combined, they’re unstoppable! And today they’re going to take the Centro Historico of Mexico City by storm … we’re just lucky enough to have been invited to accompany them.

This glamorous genius packs a punch. Bold and beautiful in her designer leather coat, her attitude is a big as her stage presence. Ready to design a one-of-a-kind innovative trip? She’s the belle of the ball.

Let’s go! We’ll let Mariana lead us anywhere! She takes us into the labyrinth of surprises that Mexico City’s historic center is known for. What glimpses of beauty and culture might we find today?

Well look who we stumbled upon! Daring and dashing, brilliant and bright, Alejandra is infinitely chic, soaking up the vibes of one of the greatest cities on earth. As night sets in, the mood heats up. They are ready for a fantastic night!

With a swing of her lovely locks, Alejandra is ready for action. Always ready to make things happen, she is capable of anything and everything. That’s why her clients love to turn it all over to her … she sets the stage and makes the show EVERYTHING.

Speaking of everything, that’s what these two do together. They can accomplish any task, dream up any new idea, create any incredible scenario. They are Yes! women and everyone wants front row tickets to their show.

And alas, it’s curtain call on these superstars cameo. We were delighted to spend time soaking up a bit of their shimmer and shine. Until next time … hasta pronto!