“In this industry we are celebrated for having an eye for beauty and form. If something is beautiful why would I not want that to be a part of me?” Bobby explains with a bat of his smoky lashed eye.

Welcome to a conversation with our favorite avant-garde Accomplished Traveler, Bobby Huebner. Created in association with Hotel Four Seasons México City, we wanted to produce an edgy tale, a thought-provoking tale, a tale that would inspire YOU to think.

Striking a pose in a Mexico City doorway, he demands our attention with a piercing gaze. “Clothes do not have a gender, or sexuality. Clothes are meant to cover our bodies from the elements, accentuate our figures, and to draw attention to and celebrate our own natural form.” It’s a gaze that invites us to revel in his beauty, to reconsider what we think we know about apparel.

From a dimly-lit bar, Bobby looks up from his mezcal snifter, saying, “Clothing is used as a silent voice, bringing into being who you feel is your most beautiful internal self.” We bring our truest expressions to the surface through style and fashion – who’s to say where the lines should be drawn?

Stunning in leopard print and red, cheekbones shining for the gods, this greek statue was etched in gold. And it seems he’s receiving a call … from the famed and fabulous Billy Porter?! Well we know he has a thing or two to say on the matter. (Ok, maybe he actually said it on The View, but it’s just too good NOT to relay.)

“Women wearing pants is not a problem—anymore … because pants are strong, they’re considered powerful, they are associated with the patriarchy,” Porter explains. “However, when a man wears a dress, very often, people are disgusted. So what does that say? What are we saying?”

“They hate women,” Joy Behar replied, frankly.
“Thank you! I’m done doing that; I’m done with that.” Porter said. In a world built and run by men, the idea of a man wearing clothing traditionally worn by women, like dresses or heels, or even having ‘feminine” mannerisms sparks scorn …(and maybe envy?).

Bobby agrees. Gazing down at his glamorous red heels, he says, “A shoe is meant to protect and comfort your foot. If that shoe also happens to be beautiful, why not celebrate that beauty?” And do we ever agree! We are ready to celebrate YOU however you choose to show up.

Radiant in gold, his face shimmers in the afternoon light of the city. Bobby looks deep in thought. A brilliant star, Bobby takes risks, innovates, and keeps a sense of humor about it.

Like Billy Porter says, “I’m a man who wants to wear a dress, and when I want to wear one, I’m gonna and I’ll look gorgeous in it!” Can we second that?! Bobby you look DIVINE!!

We captured his elegant visage in el Zócalo of Mexico City, the historic city center, a hotbed for social change and radical transformations. Walking through these streets with Bobby, we were reeling in his LEWK and we could tell he loved it.

Iconic! This shot took our breath away. A jaw-dropping statement, this cover model is everything. We love you, Bobby!!

Resources: https://theglowup.theroot.com/what-are-we-saying-billy-porter-calls-out-the-misogyn-1835525896