Benvenuti to dreamy Villa Cora, Florence, a space that transports you to other worlds, other times, and other levels of yourself. Digging into the sumptuous, relaxing vibes of this masterpiece made us reach an all-time high of relaxation and creative inspiration (isn’t that what we’re all looking for?)

We met up with witty and delightful Marco De Pin, the front office manager in the White Room to get connected. Marco’s cool, calm energy matched the room perfectly. A quick trip through time, and we’re standing by the Carrara marble fireplace by Pazzaglia’s statue, a tribute to the Oppenheims. The beautiful creamy tones and delicate gold accents of this room are confectionary.

It’s on to the dream team; these are the bold, brilliant women making it happen at Villa Cora.  Ariela Duina, the General Manager, and Antonella Bua, Director of Sales & Marketing are the perfect example of what happens when you pair powerful minds for a common goal. Together they make Villa Cora the place to be.

Time to tour the exquisite Villa. Outfitted in the classic Tuscan style, this gem is a sight to behold. Every detail is a work of art. They give us this first taste of the magic and it’s on to the main course!

Are you ready for a bite and a sip? And what a meal it will be. With Alessandro Liberatore, Executive Chef at Le Bistrot Restaurant, the hand-picked, seasonal ingredients will be abundant.  We love the feel of the restaurant too, just at the edge of the pool and gardens.

Speaking of the pool (and the view from the gorgeous Roof Terrace that overlooks it), it’s shadowed by majestic yew trees and centuries-old oaks, surrounded by over 100 varieties of exquisite roses, like English, French, and antique. The smells and sights are divine.

Antonella shows us the way into the Byzantine inspired Room of Cards. Its unique motif of playing cards and Tarot makes it a fave of those with a keen eye for style. We meet back up with Ariela to experience the famed hall of mirrors. We can’t wait to see more!

Ariela takes us to the majestic Hall of Mirrors. Adorned with Baroque decorations, it was once considered the most beautiful ballroom in the city of Florence. The stunning terrace off this regal space overlooks the hills leading to the city. We can’t get enough of this space!

On to the old dining hall, known as the Room of Ceramics, the centerpiece is a glass table illuminated, wraps us in tones of crimson and deep purple. It’s like walking through rooms in a dream, each more beautiful than the last, full of surprises.

We meet Antonio Pagano, the Head Concierge, in the Moorish room, just one more surreal space to add to the eclectic vibe of Villa Cora.  A nod to Baron Oppenheim’s investment in the Suez Canal, the style of the room is unlike any other.

We can’t help but notice the hypnotic details – interlocking patterns and bursts of color. The intricately embellished vaulted ceiling was painted by Antonio Caremmi. This is certainly the stuff of dreams.

Let’s take a step outside. Ariela meets us in the Sphinx garden. Filled with incredible sculptures this is a space to take a few deep breaths, get centered, and get inspired!

We reconnect with Antonella on the Rooftop terrace. On the top of the Villa, there is an ample terrace overlooking the park and the hills of Florence with a breathtaking view of the city. We take a moment to soak it, and our incredible hosts, in.

One last glance from the balcony, and we’re off. We say ciao for now to this amazing dream team. We can’t wait to return!