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Enter the sacred space of NOBU Los Cabos. A space of metamorphosis, of recreation, of transformation. Here, we will unravel the truths of the human spirit. We are already pulling on the thread.

We look with open eyes, gazing at the wall, but we do not see. The shadows swirl around us like passing clouds overhead. We watch their dance, the elegant wisps of air, like space and time uncurling and uncurling around us. We sink into the illusion of separateness.

A world in color: so delicious, so alive. Each vibrant being moving in her channel, soaking up the undulating rays of the sun, whether it’s the stark light of the early afternoon or the fading light of evening. The light itself transmuted through water, through angled blades of grass, reborn.

Devoid of familiar tones, the shadow is expressed through darkness, kissed by light, the experience of oneness unfolding. The gentle reminder that tones of grey are impossible to ignore, all interlocking, finding balance.

The revelation is simpler without the distraction of color, where surrender to the unknown is possible, where anything is possible. We do not become the other; we are the other. We simply haven’t yet recognized ourselves there, hidden in the blurry lines of the shifting image.

The metamorphosis is underway, meshing colors with the colorless. Time has become liquid. Can we remember that time is our invention? That it belongs to us and not the other way around? We all succumb to gravity, to truth, to unity. Our true selves do not know our names.

A special thanks to the artists who collaborated on this project: Barbara Watson, Caroline Fridley, and Kristiana Capati. Location: Nobu Los Cabos