Welcome to Villa Dubrovnik, a member of “The Leading Hotels of the World”, where romance and relaxation rule supreme. The glimmering Adriatic sea makes this medieval city one of the most spectacular in the world.

Feast your eyes as you stroll down to the water’s edge, feeling the sun shining on your shoulders. Breathe in the fresh sea air. Smile.

This is something that Paula Franić, Director of Sales and Marketing, and Mirna Strazicic, General Manager, do so very well – admiring the scene, allowing it to rejuvenate them, tickle their imaginations, and spark the next great idea.

These gorgeous girls certainly know how to soak up the inspiration! Sunshine and blue skies? Sounds like the perfect time to share a gourmet lunch with a view at Pjerin.

It’s impossible not to feel all of the history around you. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Dubrovnik is culturally and architecturally rich, providing inspiring views at every turn. Like the majestic walls of the Old City or the dreamy island of Lokrum, the beauty is boundless.

Speaking of boundless beauty, Paula is the belle of the ball. Her designer red dress juxtaposed against the modern interior and natural light of this photographic capture makes us swoon.

Meanwhile Mirna looks casually gorgeous, relaxing in the sweet maritime breezes. A modern day siren, this stunner is fueled by her dreamy mediterranean surroundings.

And who wouldn’t be? With views like this, we’re pretty sure we are in heaven. Rustic traditions and rich cultural heritage meet epic landscapes …it’s paradise.

Women on a mission! These two know exactly how to take care of business. No wonder Villa Dubrovnik, of the Mytha Hotel Anthology, is such a beloved luxury hotel.

The old World meets the cutting edge and new ideas mix with longstanding tradition – this is what makes Dubrovnik great. Art, architecture …and perhaps a little alchemy?

The sun sets as the scent of citrus trees wafts along the shore. They raise their glasses: a toast to friendship, and to the brilliant experiences still yet to come.