Welcome back to ILTM Cannes, the ultimate global meeting spot for all the hottest celebs in the industry! From hoteliers to luxury travel designers, it rained sass, pizzaz and so much jazz! Want to meet some of these travel luminaries? Of course you do!

First up, meet chic Candice Berger, delighting down the posh, palm-lined Cannes city streets. Looking stylish as always, she fits right in with the energy of the luxurious, old world French Riviera.

Under an awning, outside of a high-end cafe, we catch up with Jorge Escaroz, relaxed and cool in the morning sunlight. He’s ready to reconnect with all of his favorite people at the ILTM.

Next, we find the fabulous Filippo Torriani unwinding by the water. We share a laugh, enjoying the remarkable beauty of the Côte d’Azur, the breath-taking beach stretching out behind him.

Strolling along the iconic coastline, we stumble upon the Renaissance man himself, Riccardo Pilati! Dapper in his designer suit, we can’t help but shoot a few pics on the spot.

A little farther along, we encounter the mesmerizing Miguel Garcia Rabago, sharp and current, we love his cool vibe. We catch up under perfect blue skies of the French Riviera, the wind blowing sweet salt breezes around us.

Just then, we brush shoulders with the dashing Jaime Jaramillo. Casual and composed, he is ready to shine at the event of the season.

Afterward, we bump into the ever trendy Thibaut Asso! Always ready to share a smile and a story, he’s dressed to impress in the classic lines of a stylish suit.

Finally, we come upon the marvelous Miriam Omphroy, sitting at a delightful streetside cafe. Soaking up the scene, we share a laugh and prepare to make magic at ILTM! See you again next year!