While at the exclusive annual gathering at ILTM (International Luxury Travel Mart) Cannes, we caught up with the visionary who is taking all things luxury travel to new heights, the stunning savant, Erina Pindar. In her role as SmartFlyer Managing Director – as well as acting travel advisor – Erina continues to innovate and help spearhead the brand’s incredible growth. Notable in their recent recognition as “Most Hospitable Agency” at this year’s Virtuoso Week, SmartFlyer is a community of advisors that operates more like one big family.

She is a global force (not only raising eyebrows) but raising the bar with her luxe travel brilliance. Bathed in dazzling white morning light, calm and focused, Erina is poised to take her genius to the street. Coming from a rich multicultural background with a passion for discovering the most vibrant new places first, she is highly regarded by clients and colleagues alike.

Bold with a red lip, she exudes elegance and simplicity. But beyond her poise, Erina has made a name for herself through cutting-edge ideas and her impeccable taste.  Immensely respected in the luxury travel industry, her relationships with partners all over the world foster continued growth for SmartFlyer. When booking travel on behalf of her discerning clients, her pulse on the latest trends ensures top-notch experiences for guests.

Catching up on the news over her morning brew, Erina takes the time she needs to recharge and prepare for a fast-paced, jet-setting day. Sumptuous surroundings always rejuvenate and she only seeks out the best.

And after a busy day, it’s time to take it up a notch and head out for an elegant evening. As you can imagine, it’s a cake-walk for this gorgeous goddess, who needs nothing more than the perfect pearls and a dreamy designer dress.

This reigning superpower is the ultimate brand ambassador of SmartFlyer, having propelled the progressive agency into a global powerhouse.  From Erina’s profound understanding of the luxury lifestyle to her forward-thinking perspective on branding and social, she is a force to be reckoned with … her role as a thought leader ensures that SmartFlyer is continually looked at as trendsetters in the industry.

We’ve seen Erina’s determined, radiant spirit in action. With a keen eye on the cutting-edge, she’s likely innovating as we write this piece! Stunning in front of the twinkling lights of this colorful backdrop, nothing outshines this star.

“Slow down,” she says “travel isn’t about ticking boxes. For me, luxury is the opportunity to explore a destination intimately and finding hidden gems along the way.” We couldn’t agree more! Travel is about the journey, not the destination.

Surprises are around every corner, and that’s just what Erina is seeking; she’s always on the hunt for something new, unexpected and unique to present to her clientele and to strengthen SmartFlyer’s brand vision. Since she grew up globetrotting, she has a one-of-a-kind talent for finding the best hidden gems.

Sad to say goodbye to the belle of the luminary ball, we catch one last glance of her in front of the bay, watching the sun set in dazzling colors in the sky, saying au revoir – at least for the moment. We never know where we might run into this voyager!