It´s time to  play at Plaza Athénée! Our rising star has some major skills on  the ice. Pop a pair of skates on and Blaine Horton of Accomplished Traveler NYC is ready to go. Is he a  professional?! No, he´s an award-winning luxury travel designer … he´s just got some super fly moves.

From the gorgeous enclosed ice-skating rink to the sparkling holiday lights, the space is giving us total feels. With Blaine´s elegant twists and turns on the ice, we are #swooning.

Speaking of swooning, look at this stellar stud in his charcoal blazer and slicked back hair. This is a man with a plan. He must have somewhere très (en français) important to go.

This face is a work of art. Immortalized in the photo like a classic painting, his image transcends time. Today´s modern man, Blaine inspires us to great things. Cheers to that!

Relaxed and pensive, a beautiful space always nurtures his best ideas. Like a captivating method actor, his cinematic presence lights up any room he occupies. He has arrived, and we won´t be surprised if this dream goes on forever.

Blaine´s suite dreamworld is filled with his next frontiers to conquer, and the day ahead is far from over. A little R&R goes a long way to helping this brilliant maven recharge his batteries.

Sunlight and whimsy, like French New Wave cinema, sets us snapping again. We just can´t get enough of these inspired shots of Monsieur Blaine.

Sad to say goodbye, but Blaine makes his exit like a rock star. He´s a total box office hit!