Welcome to wonderful Amsterdam! A city full of history and style, we couldn’t wait to get to know it with the coolest family around – our luxury superstar hoteliers in the Dutch capital. Much in Dutch style, these ultimate professionals love to collaborate, believing that there is something perfect for every guest.

Meet Gladys Camphuijsen, Director of Sales & Events at the posh Pulitzer Amsterdam. This is a woman who has it all – poise, class and the most cutting edge knowledge. She is a chic as chic can be. Bold in black, she commands attention and respect, dreaming up the most fantastic experiences her clients can imagine.

Seeped in history, the Pulitzer is the perfect backdrop to capture this mastermind in action. Ready for an afternoon cocktail with a view, a tour of the canals in a classic 1909 riverboat, or a glance at the nearby Anne Frank house? Gladys knows the perfect way to approach any plan.

Meet Kees Hogetoorn, Director of Sales & Marketing at the Sofitel Legend, The gorgeous Grand Amsterdam. “We like to work together,” he explains, “because we believe that all the hotels are so different that there is the perfect fit for each guest.”

Vivacious and fun, we loved getting Kees take on the best of the city. We love hearing his thoughts because he adores the city so much and knows so many best kept details. “For us, it is most important to have a guest come to Amsterdam,” he says.

Meet Stephanie Rudy, Director of Sales & Marketing at Hotel De L’Europe. A style maven with a brilliant sense of the hottest trends, Stephanie knows how to give a client exactly what they’re dreaming of.

She is also enthused about working with this all-star group, saying, “That’s also why we all organized Virtuoso Symposium together – it was really a team effort!” Collaboration makes the great even greater, as every star player knows.

Meet Thomas van Noort, Assistant Director of Sales at InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam. Wrapped in old-world style, these sumptuous surroundings are perfect for Thomas. He loves redefining the desires of his clients, providing for their every whim.

Thomas expresses the same joy in collaborating with these top-notch luxury hoteliers. “When we travel abroad, we sometimes try to organize activities together; for example, we organized King´s day in Brazil with all the Amsterdam Hotels in 2017,” he said.

Meet Ewoud Roosjen, the Director of Sales at the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam. The height of luxury and elegance, these spaces invite the perfect harmony of exquisite cuisine with extraordinary style.

Handsome and relaxed, Ewoud has it all together. A stroll through the grounds in the sunlight of the afternoon is an ideal way to share his story. “With properties as different as these,” he says, “why compete?!” We agree. Harmonious as they are brilliant, they put the clients’ wishes first.

Last but never least, meet Tom de Jong, Associate Director of Sales at the Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam. A connoisseur of the arts, he can point you in just the right direction for the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh, two favorites of well-heeled Amsterdam visitors.

What do you want to see in Amsterdam? With Tom and his charismatic cohorts at the helm, the city is beyond fantastic. Our trip is never long enough!