Bienvenue to the space that rival all spaces, a glittering gem of fashion and style, a perfect picture of relaxation and rejuvenation: NIZUC Resort & Spa Cancun! This posh getaway isn’t just to recharge your batteries, though. It an absolute inspiration of architectural and interior design. Let’s take a look!

Lush gardens accent the elegant wooden beams and dance in the reflection of the still, stone pools.  A marvelous mixture of the Mayan and the Modern, Nizuc is truly mesmerizing.

A glance out to the water’s edge as the sunlight reflects off of the shimmering water. A breeze ruffles the palm fronds. Your inner voice is quiet. Breathe in the soothing silence.

It takes a master architect to construct something of such epic beauty and simplicity. Not burdened by aesthetic whimsy, the minimalistic lines of the exterior compliment the abundant jungle foliage.

Ready for a dip in the infinity pool? Lose yourself in the sultry ambiance of verdant gardens peppered with flowers and fine wooden accents.

Chic and uncluttered, these delicious details make opening a window a portal into paradise. With a view like this, who wants to interfere?

Nizuc’s interior design is a splash of perfection – sumptuous wood, clean lines and angles, just the right amount of flair – it beckons you to come and sit awhile, take your mind off of life’s details and really restore your mind.

This is the kind of table we love to sit down at! As creative as the meals or brainstorming sessions that take place here, the table is held up by intricate mangrove roots and lit rustically by a hand-woven lampshade, all complemented by simplicity of a wooden bench and lavish stone floors.

Everything about this room makes us swoon! From the awe-inspiring coffee table made from the cross-section of a massive tree trunk, to the beautiful contours on the armoire, to the rich texture of the rug, every detail has its reason and fits perfectly into the luxurious room.

Stone and wood meet plush fabrics and neutral tones. A wonderland of beauty and restraint, Nizuc sure knows how to edit!

Sumptuous leather against robust wood, classic yet unique details adorn this sensuous space. Dark and dreamy, who wouldn’t want to get a cocktail at this elegant bar?

And in this lavish spread, dinner may be the greatest moment of all! Opulent, yet subtle, Nizuc achieves extravagant beauty without making the room dense with decoration. It’s this attention to detail that makes the NIZUC experience unequalled.

How about a place for play? Even kids can enjoy the fun designs of NIZUC’s interiors. Cheerful colors and lively designs inspire children to get all of their wiggles out in one spirited space.

Meanwhile, how about a massage? While you wait you can sit back with the peace and quiet of your own thoughts, not invaded by clutter of any type. It’s just you and this clean, contemporary space inviting you to disconnect from the world and into deep relaxation.

We leave you with this spectacular image of the facade, palatial and scrumptious, yet just out of reach of the distractions of daily life. Inspired in their Mayan heritage the facade is a nod to the past, but also a gesture to the future.