Are you ready for some Imanta magic in Punta Mita? Well, we are! Welcomed by Jocelyn Limón, Imanta’s lovely Guest Experience Clerk, she sets the tone for our stay with her warm smile and perfectly selected amenities.

Julia Recinos, the beloved Housekeeping Supervisor, sets the stage with immaculate details in front of a spectacular jungle backdrop. She arrives with aromatic and invigorating artesanal soaps, just what we need to relax and get settled.

Let’s hit the beach, soak up the seabreezes and sunshine! Alejandro García, Chief of Experiences, has precisely the activities to get you out and about, loving everything about your exclusive experience at Imanta.

How about a bite? Fresh fish grilled to perfection, an ideal meal to pair with a day on the beach, soaking up the stunning private ocean views. Héctor Mariscal, the Service Captain, makes sure each dish is executed flawlessly.

Welcome to the Imanta Spa. Cynthia Torres, the Spa Manager, invites us in to the light scents of fresh flowers and soothing essential oils. This is the ideal experience to let go and breathe in the present moment.

Soothing sounds of the jungle fill the air around us, like sunbeams through the leaves verdant foliage. Martha Gómez, their gifted Therapist, has the ideal treatment for any guest’s wish, making ultimate relaxation the name of the game.

It might be time for a sunset cocktail. Gabriel Tiznado, Imanta Mixologist, knows how to mix it up. He specializes in creating the perfect cocktail for any moment. With these skills, you could say he’s a master of mind-reading.

Warm and inviting, the rustic, old world charm of Imanta is enchanting. Rogelio Valdivia, Guest Experience Manager, shows us some of his favorite spaces on the property.

Time to unwind with a gourmet dish. Exquisite flavor combinations are Miguel Muñoz’s specialty. As Executive Chef at Imata, he makes the culinary magic happen.


Daylight fading, its almost time to go … but we know we’ll always see Imanta again soon. Jorgen Jorgensen, Project and Managing Director, takes the opportunity to see us off in style. Hasta pronto!