Photos by Diane Coriat

Welcome to Cheval Blanc, the Palace Hotel on the beach, set for our latest Embark Beyond family rendezvous. This very exclusive behind-the-scenes is brought straight to you from the spectacular LVMH property where their ethos sets the barefoot rhythm of the French West Indies.

Tucked into the verdant jungle foliage, the Embark Beyond family gathered for more of the connection that they are famous for bringing to their clients. So, who are these gorgeous people smiling back at us from paradise in St. Barth?

Chelsea Martin, luxury travel maven and influencer supreme, pauses for a moment beside the beautiful balustrades of Cheval Blanc, designed by Jacques Granges. She has her finger on the pulse of all of the best destinations, as well as  the whens, whys and hows to live the most unique and exceptional experiences there.

Kayla Chance, also a luxury travel designer and fun-loving social media influencer, is another shining star of the Embark Family. Striking a pose on Flamands beach, the perfect azure water is a gorgeous contrast to her radiant glow and stylish white dress.

While we catch up with Kayla, she stops in front of the stunning original sculpture, “Constellation of Pegasus” by Jean-Michel Othoniel. Inspired by the stars in the sky, the artist sought the way to bring them back to earth for our enjoyment, marking the crossroads in the jungle path, like a compass to guide our feet.

From the beach to the pool, there are so many amazing spaces to lounge in at Cheval Blanc, tucked away places to surrender to rest and rejuvenation like never before. Ready to connect to what really matters? Find yourself, your family, and your friends in a natural paradise and you will.

Time for a dip! While Kayla relaxes in the main pool, we get the scoop on all that the Embark Beyond team has been up to since we last spoke. From one innovative move to another, their luxury travel designers keep the industry on its toes. We’re riveted!

As we stroll back from the pool we encounter this little beauty. Don’t you just love the charming beach cabana in the color of the Maison – blush pink? It’s perfectly tropical and oh-so-sweet.

Peering through a perfect palm leaf, who’s that I spy? Josh Geller & Joey Levy in the lush gardens of Cheval Blanc, both top luxury travel designers. We love the chance to connect with so many of the incredible Embark Beyond crew at once!

Perfumed and tantalizing tropical, hanging out in these gardens is like sailing from one verdant island to another. Speaking of sailing … want to catch the sunset on Flamands beach? Fully relaxed in the warm afternoon sun, Joey looks ready for anything. R&R is a recipe for inspiration.

Let’s follow Joey as the sun slowly fades from the sky, an orange hue glimmering on the water. Colombier Bay sparkles in the background, enticing us for one last swim. Joey isn’t afraid to get in! Playing in the surf, he takes full advantage of the glowing light of the golden hour, and really soaks up the experience. This is a man who knows how to enjoy life!

We can certainly say the same about Josh. It’s a great gift that he passes on to his clients, helping them to make the best choices for the utmost enjoyment and the most delightful reset luxury travel has to offer. Looking out over one of St. Barth’s finest beaches, set with magnificent white sand and an infinity of shades of blue, you know he has exceptional taste.

While it’s never fun to say goodbye, we know the Embark Beyond family will stay on our radar and we’ll have plenty of chances to do what they do best – connect! Until next time …bisous!