Welcome to the blue-skied perfection of the Riviera Maya – and what better place to enjoy it from than the Grand Velas all-inclusive luxury resort. We came to shoot the inspired short film, Admired Woman.

And look at the surroundings! White sand, crystalline water and swaying palms – it’s the perfect backdrop to make some artistic magic.

So, who is this Admired Woman? Why the smart, sassy Mariana Lazzeri, that’s who! Currently nominated for a prestigious most admirable luxury travel advisor in Latin America award, the cinematic beauty is a compelling actress as well.

Light spilling down through the branches into perfectly clear pools, surrounded by colorful plants and stunning architecture, who wouldn’t want to film an experimental short here?

Mariana sure knows how to have fun! This determined and powerful woman has her playful side too. Soaking up the sun, playing in the pristine sand, this beachy goddess enjoys her free time.

A super talented leading lady, this incredible woman will be the protagonist in upcoming experimental short film produced by TAG & Grand Velas Riviera Maya!

And now it’s time for the next scene … the sun shining through the wooden slats of the gorgeous building, casting shadows on everything except this shining star. She is living for the sunshine and the fresh sea air.

Relaxing, shaking her hair out, breathing in the moment. We just hope our cinematographer captured moments as perfect as this one!

As the sun begins to set, it’s time to head inside. Beautiful with her wild, loose, beachy hair, Mariana knows exactly what to do. Lights, camera, action!

We leave you with a last dreamy image of the beautiful scene, just enough to leave you wanting more …curious about the cinematic magic we’re soon to release. Stay tuned!!