Bienvenidos a San Miguel de Allende! Voted the most beautiful city in the world by Travel & Leisure this year, Tale A Guest happily joined Andrea Cid in the unbelievable Unesco World Heritage site.

Architecture, history, cuisine, art, and now Andrea visiting? This town has it all. From gorgeous bell towers to luxury lounge scenes, this divine damsel is enjoying every bit of it!

Andrea looks right at home in this gorgeous city. Hand-selected in early 2016 to head TL Portfolio Mexico, her strong Mexican roots combined with her determination and rich knowledge of luxury travel fit the TL Portfolio mold perfectly.

TL Portfolio is a Sales, Marketing and Public Relations firm unlike any other. Founded by Tina Lyra, one of the industry’s renowned hoteliers with over 20 years experience, TL Portfolio showcases some of the world’s most authentic and exclusive hotels and Destination Management Companies around the globe.

Andrea has a vibrant sense of adventure and curiosity. She loves getting to know SMA, strolling in the sunshine on the cobblestone streets. Elegant, professional and passionate, these captivating women, are the driving force behind the company.

From Brazil to Argentina and Chile, Mexico to New York and Los Angeles, the 15 powerful women who make up TL Portfolio have unfailing, spotless style, which offer a unique approach and reflect the ethos of each one of their clients.

Taking time to recharge at Casa de los Chiqueados, Andrea feels refreshed and rejuvenated. After a day of magic, it’s time for some truly luxe R&R.

For now, we say hasta pronto. Stay tuned for the upcoming TAG tale, Jane Maine de Biran, who heads the TL Portfolio NYC office and Monika Weinsoft, who heads the Los Angeles TL Portfolio office are next on our radar!