Welcome to the Cabo coast, where the landscapes excite and inspire creative minds. Rugged cliffs above crisp blue seas, stormy skies bursting with beams of sun, is this a real place or a work of art?!

Gazing off the ship’s bow, you might be inspired to pull out your own sketchpad to document the beauty in front of you … or just paint the picture in your mind and return to anytime you need a breath of fresh air.

Meet our tour guide for the day, the imaginative Patricia Mendoza,  owner of  tasteful and cultured Patricia Mendoza Gallery San José del Cabo.

Radiant in red, this brilliant beauty enjoys the soft light of the morning, filtering into the gallery and setting the mood for the perfect art experience.

Nestled nicely into the Distrito del Arte, it’s the ideal location for inviting in artistic passersby to enjoy the current exhibitions. It’s inspiration time!

Curated from a variety of provocative and exquisite artists, this is where creatives come to spark new ideas and get inspired – no, get inspirited!


It’s time to hit the streets! Strolling along this coastline is a dream in itself. Sunny city streets with beachy salt air lead the way.

Well, hello gentlemen! Time to discover more of the beauty of Cabo San Lucas shoreline and meet the famous Arco del Cabo San Lucas ourselves.

Far from shore, where worries melt away, the sean and it’s rocky outcrops rouse even the most left-brained among us. From the awe of art and nature come many of our best ideas!