Leave it to the Irish to make a bold entrance. Just one glance at The Marble Bar, and we can see why The Westbury Hotel Dublin is simply the best option for discerning travelers who visit Dublin – a city almost as rich in history as it is rich in character. Just look…
…beyond the aesthetic beauty of every space within The Westbury Hotel Dublin, there is a clear, joyous warmth; an evident passion for doing things grandly. What better example than David Murray, the Manager of Balfes Restaurant? Balfes features a 20 seater outdoor terrace, a zinc-covered bar and open kitchen; and David oversees, among many other details, the fantastic and mouth-watering all-day dining menu that is passionately Irish in its use of artisan ingredients.
Another bout of inspiration can be found at The Westbury Hotel Dublin’s very own perfume boutique, Parfumarija. Upon entering, we are taken over by its vibrant atmosphere and exquisite layout, featuring the finest fragrances in the world. Marija Aslimoska, Founder and Creative Director of Parfumarija, is an authority on everything scent-related. Browsing through Parfumarija was one of the highlights of our stay!
Can you blame us? These are not mere perfume bottles – each and every one is an exquisite piece of art! They also make fantastic and fragrant souvenirs (hint, hint) of your stay at The Westbury Hotel Dublin.
Anyone up for Afternoon Tea at The Gallery? We so miss this! It is so difficult to decide between all the pastries (sweet or savoury – your choice!); we’re so glad Shane Maher – Food & Beverage Assistant at The Gallery – was available with all his knowledge of the ingredients that went into the making of each, as well as on the type of flavours we could expect. Otherwise we might have sat there for hours trying to make up our minds!
Can you blame us? Come on…just have a look. Feeling hungry yet? No?
Something sweet then, perhaps? We swear: there are no such things as ‘average pastries’ or ‘ordinary biscuits’ here. Made with the finest Irish ingredients (fresh milk, the creamiest and purest of butter; etc), you can imagine how these tasted. Heavenly.
Vincent O’Gorman, General Manager, clearly loves what he does. His beaming expression is a reflection of how fulfilling it can be to craft and master the perfect hospitality experience for guests who come from all over the world. The Westbury Hotel Dublin is one of the most popular, sought-after luxury hotels in the whole of Ireland – and after having stayed there ourselves, it’s not difficult to understand why.
The surge of happiness and jolts of inspiration that guests of The Westbury Hotel Dublin experience are all product of excellent teamwork; here – from left to right – are Sophie Governey (Marketing Manager); Joseph Downing (Guest Relations Manager) and Katie Farrell (Assistant Director of Sales Group & Travel Trade). They’re all absolute aces. Any stay crafted by them and the rest of the staff here is bound to be more than ‘successful’; it will be something you will talk about for many years to come.

For a true taste of the very finest Dublin (and Ireland!) has to offer, The Westbury Hotel Dublin always delivers – and exceeds even your highest expectations! There’s no better way to experience this fair city.