Paris has so much to offer on the visual aspect, that it can be a challenge to single out the most beautiful locations. Every street and building has its own ancient, lovely personality – tinted with the magnificence of a rich history and a buoyant cultural life that is always setting trends as far as the Western world is concerned. Hôtel Montalembert is a perfect example: a refined construction with just the right contemporary touches; all of which make it stand out as a particularly striking place in a city full of remarkable sights.
Notice that the shade of grey of the planters, canopies, and parasols perfectly matches the impeccable pavement; yet it also contrasts elegantly with the material of the building itself.
IMG_2848 copy
The play of textures and shades gets warmer and more familiar in the interiors of the hotel; notice how wicker and dried branches interact with the wooden floors; all made alive by the close proximity of the fireplace. The books beckon from the background, inviting us to sit down and read all day.
IMG_2956 copy
Hôtel Montalembert is also a child of the 21st century; and we are reminded of this by all the more modern elements in the design of the space: metal, glass, and a subtle lighting that emphasizes the clean lines and comfortably luxurious atmosphere.
IMG_2963 copy
For that intimate conversation over a delicious meal, the restaurant at Hôtel Montalembert offers a perfect setting. Simple shapes – mainly squares and rectangles, present in the furniture and table linens – softened by plush textures, which invite to sitting down and having long, intimate meals. From the walls, the smile and the curves of Marilyn Monroe make us feel like we’re in on a secret.
IMG_2997 copy
For indeed, it is possible to pay homage to the iconic, historic figures that shaped our current reality. Here, JFK seems to find himself at home amidst the gorgeous simplicity of one of Hôtel Montalembert’s suites. The soft grays and muted blues provide a nice, cool balance so that the room feels soft and sleek. The leather-wood combo is a big triumph here.
IMG_2990 copy
Another juxtaposition is lavishly showcased in the bed: the sturdiness of the wood elements and the straight lines of the linens make wonderful companions to the soft bedspread and puffy pillows. A low-key, relaxing frame for the most stylish dreams. Again, another photograph just above the headboard – this time of JFK and Jackie – just what we need to be inspired and nostalgic!
IMG_3004 copy
On that note of nostalgia, the staircase is another design triumph. Something about it makes us feel like we’re in the middle of a Nouvelle Vague film! We also love the combination of rug and marble. That shade of grey echoes the front facade of the hotel, too – did you notice? It’s remarkable how well the dark ironwork feels and looks, mainly because the space is filled with gorgeous natural light.
IMG_3037 copy
Hôtel Montalembert is a gem full of secret corners and stylish elements; it’s an ode to texture and a lesson in color play. It’s extremely French, but also universal in many aspects. We adored it.