It is no longer a secret: Mexico City is experiencing an artistic and architectural revival.
Artists from all around the world have been living and creating in the largest and busiest city in Latin America for decades. However, during the last decade, Mexico City has been reborn and re-invented: the landscape is even more intriguing; the art manifestations – murals, paintings, sculpture, film – have become even more prominent and unique. Make no mistake – this is the current hot spot for new artistic talent. Adding the vast and relevant artistic background that the city already posessed, and you will easily understand why the most discerning travelers – especially those who share a passion for art – are declaring Mexico City their favourite city in the continent, or even the world.
Mexico City is so immense and lively that it can it can be a daunting task to try to choose what to do: so many fine galleries, beautiful museums – more than any other city in the world, by the way! -, gorgeous buildings, revolutionary art shows, ancient ruins, world-class restaurants…But don’t panic just yet. This is where the expertisse of Journey Mexico comes in.
The “Art and Architecture in Mexico City” itinerary that Journey Mexico has masterfully put together for their clients is a 7-day wondrous joyride through the most interesting and noteworthy architectural and artistic delights that Mexico City has to offer. From the Historic Center with its magnificent legacy, to the colonial flavor of San Ángel (famous for its beautiful handicrafts); to the charm of Coyoacán with the world-famous Casa Azul (Frida Kahlo’s home) and then on to the fairytale beauty of the Castle of Chapultepec. There is also a stop at architect’s Luis Barragán’s House and Studio; visits to the best museums in the city – the National Anthropology and History Museum (even off-hours, private visits after 7 pm when the museum closes to the public), the Rufino Tamayo Museum, the Jumex Museum and the Soumaya Museum, among many others – and a tour through the cream-of-the-crop Mexico City art galleries (including private galleries and art studio visits), and even pop-up fashion shows (upon request and according to the season). Sounds nice? Well, that’s not even half of what this fabulous itinerary includes!
It’s important to mention that the most unique experiences with this itinerary can be created during the annual Zona MACO Art Fair, the next of which will take place February 3-7, 2016.
If you want to know the essence of Mexico City’s art scene and make the most of your stay, there really isn’t a better choice than Journey Mexico. Please click HERE for more details and/or for contact information.

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