Welcome to the Lili Restaurant at the Peninsula Paris! And what a welcome! Entering into these rich fabrics and opulent details of the Lili brings Cantonese cuisine to life in an ornate and delicious way. Vibrant color and elegant artwork are only the beginning of this gorgeous restaurant.

But their tasteful decor isn’t the only thing we’re swooning over though. The sleek modern style of this Parisian gem is only the beginning; the gourmet Cantonese cuisine takes us to a whole other level. Perfectly executed dim sum, the most exquisite duck I’ve ever tasted, and a dessert tray that stole the show — the Lili is a must for Paris goers looking for an exotic and romantic experience.

Speaking of romance, try getting really intimate in a front row seat at the Chef’s table; talk about a VIP dining experience! Watch this sumptuous Cantonese cuisine come to life on the other side of the glass, dreamily imagining the first bites.

With Chef Ma behind the wheel, everything is lavish, yet refined. His lifelong passion for culinary adventures has inspired him to work with typical Hong Kong specialties and authentic Cantonese cuisine. From seasonal delicacies to a variety of Chinese teas, the delights of the Lili never disappoint!

Mixing the best of Chinese and French style, the dining room is downright sexy! And with staff that look like superstars waiting on your every need, who wouldn’t want to dine here! Beautiful people, impeccable food and spectacular design, what else could we ask for?