A different energy is bubbling up at the legendary powerhouse in luxury travel. Trending with next-gen travel advisors, the agency has become the go-to for dream-makers who want to be a part of its 50-year legacy of excellence.

Cindy Schlansky and Monty Swaney, Tzell’s yin and yang, rose through the ranks to lead this new day at Tzell Travel Group. Known for nurturing industry powerhouse advisors with their signature wit and ease. Alongside them, Awilda Gonzalez, Senior VP, the soul of the company, works behind the scenes to craft the close-knit culture in both the agency’s in-house team and its independent advisors. 

Karen Magee, VP of Partnerships and Leisure, heads up a team of industry-savvy veterans with unrivaled knowledge, and connections around the world. At the forefront of every aspect of leisure travel, Karen keeps her team ahead of the curve on the latest and hottest of everything high-end and chic.

Bright from the inside out, Elisa Foley, VP Operations, ensures the agency runs as well as its advisors’ expertly crafted itineraries. She also oversees all aspects of Tzell’s extensive training, so its advisors stay versed with cutting-edge tools, and new entrants to the industry get a kick-start to success.

Together they are unstoppable.

Meet the newest women of the Tzell Team, helping to shape the new look behind one of the most in-demand travel agencies for top advisors. These up-and-comers are shaping the culture that’s known for being close knit, open and fun.

Sarah Palermo, learning the ropes of Agent Support under the tutelage of Cindy, has a smile as beautiful as her spirit. From philanthropic activities, to flamenco lessons and mindful meditation, she focuses on advisor support, ensuring that the agents are living and working with intention. 

Danielle Vega, Manager Employee Engagement, is the events aficionado building the calendar with interactive, educational, inspiring events for the team, which brings its members closer. Together she and Sarah make magic happen.

Joining the luxury leisure team is Travel Specialist Jessica Copquin, she’s in a unique and coveted position, gaining encyclopedic knowledge about the top luxury providers around the world, to share with the advisors.

These change-makers are shaping the next great thing at Tzell. It’s no wonder they’re in the business of creating dreams for clients.