Get ready for the year’s box office smash hit: Hotel Rooms in Four Seasons in México City! The location and cast of characters couldn’t be more divine. Starting with the stunning Laura Villalobos, Director of Sales & Marketing , she´s the powerful BOSS who has brought together the best A-List sales team in Mexico City!

With Laura at the helm, everything is just as it ought to be – she’s skilled at bringing out the best of the bright, brilliant Four Seasons team. Her team backs her with amazing ideas and fresh insights to wow the world of travel.

The next character in the cast of the top luxe hotel sales equipo en Ciudad de México is the Director of Sales, Juan Pablo Rodriguez – Laura’s right hand man. Dapper and debonair, his inventive ideas add to the impressive power of this incredible team.

Next up we have the delightful and charming, Santiago Rodriguez, Group Sales Manager, and man of the day. Cutting edge implementation is the name of his game.

All of the cast are key players, and their gifts blend together perfectly helping their guests to have an extraordinary experience. Santiago Rodriguez and Tania team up to take it to the next level.

Tania Castillo, Group Sales Manager, may be beautiful, but don’t be fooled, she´s on a perpetual mission to make everything possible. Her sassy, witty style makes her beloved by coworkers and guests alike.

Laura’s team is full of stars. Take Oscar Alcocer, he is don draper incarnate. He has considerable talent for understanding the desires of others and all the world knows it.

Oscar Alcocer, Entertainment Sales Manager, is respected for his talent all around. He’s one mastermind to watch! Cheers to that!

These gorgeous gents serve waaaay more than face. From ingenious ideas to prestigious plans, these brilliant babes are total team players.

This dream team is filled with A players! These dazzling dames are a cut above, inventive and powerful. These cool, calm, and collected creatives are ready to resolve any situation that arises.

Meet the chicest Patricia Soto, Corporate Sales Manager, with her potent pose of power and action. Stunning in green, she’s ready to make things happen!

Together with Alejandra Garcia, they make magic. Alejandra is known for her delightful demeanor … but beneath her beauty lies a superpower. With their powers combined, any goal can be accomplished.

Elegant as always, Alejandra Garcia, Corporate Sales Manager, is a whirlwind of wit, full of poise and grace. But don’t let her composure fool you, she’s an inventive powerhouse.

Laura bids us farewell … at least for now. This cavalier team has goals to reach and successes to tout. We’ll count the minutes until next time. Hasta pronto!