Embark on a journey with us through Hotel Esencia‘s labyrinth led by these epic luxury travel stars, produced a couple of days before the prestigious ILTM North America 2018. Where glamour meets mystery, you’ll find these intriguing icons letting all of their light shine.

The voyage starts with Katie, like an apparition of ethereal light, appearing through the tulle. She is a work of art, just moving beneath the fabric, her perfection captured in time like a frozen film noir scene.

You delve deeper into the labyrinth with Dennis, a place full of mystery and artistry. His striking bone structure framed by the hanging vines, leaves us breathless in suspense. What will be around the next corner?

It’s Anna! Framed in dreamy afternoon shadows. Her stylish still looks snatched right out of an art film. Where will the winding roads take you next? And who will you meet on the way?

Surprise! Haisley is a star that can’t be hidden. Illuminated behind the foliage, this luminary brings her own light, shining out to all who see her. Reach out your hand; let her guide you. She knows the way.

Haisley stops at an immense, shady tree, in her gorgeous dress by Kika Rodriguez (Katie’s is as well), explaining to you that her mentorship has come to an end. She’s led you to this dreamy place and now your journey must continue on … these stars are your guides, turning on their shine to show you the way, but YOU are the protagonist of this story.

Meet Mariana! Concealed in foliage and swept up in a daydream, perhaps you aren’t quite sure if all of this is a dream anyway. Sometimes the greatest surprises come from dreams. She tells you she has a secret to share.

But suddenly you’re standing in front of Anna, not sure if you learned what she had to share or not. The suspense is invigorating … and the dream continues. As she turns away from you, the light falling beautifully across her face, she says “follow me.”

And unaware, you’re walking with Dennis. The rain starts to fall. Is he on the other side of the looking glass or standing right beside you? This enigma is compelling whether your moment is real or just a sweet, sweet dream.

The rain drips to dry and there’s Katie, the fairy godmother who initiated your journey. She disappears into the earth around her, blending seamlessly into your slowly opening eyelids. Was that real? We’ll be returning to the Hotel Esencia to see!


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