Meet Baby Burro, our cover model. Beloved by all the guests this ravishing rescue donkey is friend to all. Don’t you just want to reach through the screen and squeeze him? Don’t worry, we gave him and extra ear scratch just for YOU.

Welcome to ACRE Baja, a blissful destination full of gorgeous greenery, fresh sea breezes, fantastic farm to table, and simple blissful R&R in the Baja. Sign us up!

You can feel it before you even walk in. From the clean facade and surrounding gardens, to the unique and epic treehouses, this is a place to dissolve into a state of perfect om-ness.

Perhaps a stroll through the garden? This is where farm fashion meets culinary perfection. Want to take a peek at this hipster foodie paraiso? Let’s do!

Beautiful as it is fresh, there is nothing quite like a meal straight out of the garden – organic, grown to perfection, and with more flavor than any conventional ingredients could ever bring to the table.

Time to step inside for a sip. Rustic surroundings make for the perfect cocktail hour. Listen to the birds call as the light fades …and your cares slip away with it.

Or maybe you’d rather sip your libations in the fresh air – feel the environment 100%, the air in your hair. Close your eyes. You’re here. Health & beauty goes hand in hand with rejuvenation. Looking to reset with healing energy in a natural paradise? Getting zen never felt so good!

This treehouse is somewhere you’ll never  want to leave. We know that we won’t be able to stay away for long! We’ll be back for more of this magic soon.


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