Luxury is made of small details and attentions which make you feel unique and special..a sprig of lavender left on the pillow when you arrive, a cup of tea offered while having a manicure, soft and fresh linen sheets..but above all time for yourself to enjoy what you like.

— Ksenia Semina, Beauty Therapist at Arno SPA


There is a very distinctive, classic ‘roman’ feel at Villa La Massa’s Arno SPA. The reason is both simple and magical: it is built in the ancient cellars of Villa la Massa. Guests are welcomed into an informal yet elegant space. An evocative vaulted hallway guides guests through 325 sqm of historical details, such as cross and barrel vaults with original bricks and ancient portals, combining heritage with luxurious comfort. The authentic Tuscan style is accomplished through the terracotta floors, the green slate, and the use of pale colours and Tuscan wood.

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Arno SPA is designed to make artful use of the blend of light, soft colors, water, Tuscan scents, fragrances, and aromas; to create the proper environment for serenity and relaxation based on Zen philosophy. It is the perfect oasis to replenish mind, body and soul. The environment is peaceful: there is no hurry, the extraordinary staff has plenty of time to devote to each person; and all of the treatments are customized according to each guest’s requests and needs.


Ksenia (pictured above) told us which treatments are the ones a guest must have while at Arno SPA.To have a unique and perfect experience at the Arno SPA, she said, I suggest our body scrub with olive oil from olive trees of the Villa la Massa. It is a special treatment that begins with a gentle exfoliation made with powdered olive stone, followed by a customized massage performed with our olive oil from the Villa la Massa olive trees. It eliminates dead cells to nourish the skin making it smooth and bright. Sounds like a not-to-be-missed Tuscan experience, right?


Needless to say, Ksenia is an absolute ace at what she does. When you adore what you do, and when you live your passion, it shows. I love my job, she says with a smile on her face. I feel that performing a massage is a mystical experience, because an exchange of energy takes place; which gets me in an almost meditative state. If you have the right concentration while making a massage you can reach exceptional results. Furthermore, an impeccable organization and extremely professional staff make work a pleasure. (Pictured above, left to right, the fabulous staff at Villa La Massa: Tamara Trambusti – Front Office Manager -, Achille Di Carlo – General Manager -, and Luisa Fernanda Díaz – Guest Relations/General Manager Assistant).

Our hearts ached a bit when we left Arno SPA, but a little bit of its peaceful elegance will always be with us – until our next visit. Thanks so much to all the wonderful staff for their time and dedication!