Welcome to Imantaland – a dreamy destination where visitors know they never have to grow up. From relaxing in the sun to playing in the surf, it’s every kid-at-heart’s fantasy.

Meet Katy. Adventure-seeker with a playful twinkle in her eye, Imantaland is her ideal destination! When she’s not busy leading Areli and Thalia, she comes up with the most magical ways to make others feel the joy of childish wonder.

Take Areli and Rodrigo, for example. Just about to turn in for the night they were whisked from their bedroom window to Mexico’s lavishly lush pacific coast, just to remember what it’s like to be a kid again.

Strolling through the verdant foliage, Katy can’t wait to reveal the beauty of this incredible location. Beyond adventure, beyond the jungles and river of the imagination, there is Imantaland. They can’t wait to explore!

Areli and Rodrigo are smitten with this playground of a destination. Look at them basking in the light! Could this be a dream?

But, have you met Thalia? She’s the light in this magical world.

Can you believe that this fantastic fairy was stolen away by a pirate and his crew? It’s a terrible, terrible thing.

Chad led the charge, arriving on the coast screaming with his sword unsheathed! He was ready to do something dastardly.

But it doesn’t take long for Chad to do something silly. Busy having fun, Jason ropes him back into the adventure. Jason doesn’t take kindly to his henchmen horsing around!

And now, what do you know? They are lurking in the same jungle, plotting their next attack. They know Katy is nearby and have evil plans to unleash!

Meanwhile, Katy is thinking about having a delightful time with her friends in this perfect place …But we have to save Thalia! Let’s go!!

Forgetting their fear, they dance along the beach, full of delight. Areli loves the feeling of the sand between her toes and the sea breeze in her hair.

Why not have some fun on the way? Rodrigo jumps on the rocks, enjoying the sunshine of an idyllic day, while palm trees sway in the wind.

It’s easy to forget that Jason and Chad are lurking in a place as dreamy as this. While the darlings daydream, this maniacal duo is up to no good.

Suddenly, Chad attacks Katy! He saw her from the bushes and drew his sword quietly, tiptoeing toward her. “Ha Ha! Now we have you!”

Katy, quick on her feet, darts away. Running from the surprise attack, she thinks, “I wonder where Jason is?” She didn’t see him.

Little does she know, she’s running straight into the hooked arm of Jason. He’s waiting up ahead. Plotting how he will capture her and keep her captive with her little companion, Thalia.

Or maybe Katy does know, unleashing her sword against the gnarled hook in an epic battle. The two fight fiercely, but ultimately Katy triumphs!

Thalia is safe again and Katy couldn’t be happier to be reunited with her little friend. Now, FINALLY, it’s time to play!

“Come on Areli and Rodrigo! Follow me to beach! It’s time for the after party.” It seems that the fun is only beginning.

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