SPAs are no longer just an amenity: they are now a necessity. Every hotel SPA has its own ambience, and manifests its unique creativity. The quality of service provided and the signature treatments every SPA offers have allowed for it to become a distinct highlight of every luxury hotel.

— Leticia Fernández, SPA manager, Grand Velas Riviera Maya

TaleAGuest is visiting Riviera Maya this week, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Our excitement is largely motivated by our stay at Grand Velas Riviera Maya – one of the most luxurious and comprehensive resorts in the area. While the Grand Velas Riviera Maya has many features that make it an ideal vacation spot for experienced and distinguished travelers, there’s no doubt in our minds that one of its ‘crown jewels’ is its SPA.
The industry of global wellness tourism is certainly growing fast. Guests look forward to relaxing and fun vacations, so that they get to release stress from urban life and from their work. When a guest is comfortable during their experience, in a completely calm atmosphere that is the product of a well-planned facility and well-managed staff, their wishes for relaxation and fun will be fulfilled.
Our Signature SPA concept defines a style and way of life, says Leticia Fernández (SPA Manager at Grand Velas Riviera Maya). We offer an authentic and very personal interpretation of luxury and well-being; where water, light, scents, flavors, and textures converge; creating an experience designed to be lived through seven sensory journeys, where unforgettable memories are born. Wow, sign us up!
The Signature SPA at Grand Velas Riviera Maya is full of personalized details, which are enhanced with a conoisseur’s touch. We pay homage to the ancient healing traditions of our beloved Mexico and the world, says Leticia. Our body artisans infuse our guests with balance and harmony between body, mind, and soul. Another essential and distinctive element of the Signature SPA experience at Grand Velas Riviera Maya? The delightful Tea Pairing, which will make you experience the perfect synergy of subtle tea flavors and scents that accompany each Grand Velas Riviera Maya SPA Journey, enhancing the connection and the sentiment of harmony and wellness with your inner self and the spirit of this land.
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With a Business Management degree & a SPA Management diploma, Leticia has a lot of experience in Sales. She worked in Camper & Nicholsons Luxury Yacht Charter as a leasing agent; as well as in Real State Management – both offering an exciting and unique mix of customer service and sales. Life brought her to Grand Velas Riviera Maya since the resort opened – Leticia started as Management Assistant, then had the opportunity to become the SPA Sales Soordinator and, finally SPA Manager. We cannot imagine how fulfilling and heavenly it must be to work at the SPA of Grand Velas Riviera Maya. I love every part of my job: from managing day-to-day operations, to sales management, to making contact with our guests and interacting with our wonderful SPA staff, she says, with a huge smile on her face. What is the most rewarding part of her job, then? I think that I’m happiest when the staff at Grand Velas Riviera Maya SPA makes the magic happen every hour of every day, for our guests!
If you visit Riviera Maya, you must make sure that your first scheduled stop is at the Grand Velas Riviera Maya SPA…Trust us: you will remember the experience forever! Thanks so much to Leticia and the rest of the staff at the SPA and at the Grand Velas Riviera Maya for their thoughtful attention and professionalism. Now excuse us, but we must book another treatment…