In a realm where fashion intertwines with branding, and powerful women shape the world of luxury travel, a celestial gathering took place at the mythical Etéreo – Auberge Resorts Collection. Nestled on the pristine shores of the Mayan Riviera, this sublime oasis boasted a timeless beauty that beckoned the souls of travel icons from afar.

As the sun cast its golden rays upon the jungle, Stephanie Rizzolo, co-founder of SETTE Travel and an affiliate of Embark Beyond, emerged in a vibrant one-sleeve orange dress, her chic black sunglasses shielding her eyes from the brilliance. Surrounded by swaying grasses, she epitomized the fusion of style and elegance.

Fernanda Martin del Campo, the Founding Partner & CEO of T – Journeys is here to welcome us in. In her presence, the harmony of fashion and travel became an art form, a seamless expression of individuality that wove its way through the collective consciousness.

Amongst the verdant backdrop of an elephant ear plant stood Fernanda, draped in a stunning burnt orange dress. Her aura exuded an intoxicating blend of confidence and grace, echoing the wild spirit of the jungle itself. With Etéreo, Auberge Resorts Collection’s expansive gardens, lush greenery, and a mesmerizing 300-meter stretch of white-sand beach, this boutique haven embodied the very essence of enchantment.

In an editorial image frozen in time, she and her sister embraced knee-deep in the water, a testament to the bonds that can be forged amidst the ever-changing tides of life.

Beside her, Alejandra Martin del Campo, the Founding Partner of T – Journeys, bathed in the warm sunlight, adorning a satin yellow slip dress. Her presence was like a radiant sunbeam, illuminating the path to newfound experiences.

In a captivating black and white headshot, the light reflected off the water, mirroring the subtle shimmer that danced within her eyes. Her spirit, as golden as the sun’s touch on the horizon, captured the hearts of those fortunate enough to encounter her.

Jimena Ogarrio Martin del Campo joined the inspirational Ana Paula Pereznieto. Together, they channeled the very essence of this heavenly space, embodying its light-filled energy. Together these women transcended mere travel, inviting guests to a transformative journey where the boundaries of the physical world dissolved into a realm of infinite possibilities.

In the timeless embrace of Etéreo, Auberge Resorts Collection, Ana Paula Pereznieto, NUBA Elite Director & Luxury Travel Advisor, emerged as a goddess from the depths of the water. Donning in a strapless black dress, she epitomized the rebirth that awaited those who ventured to this sacred place. With each step, she drew all who beheld her towards the siren call of boundless exploration.

At Etéreo, Auberge Resorts Collection, where the celestial meets the earthly, the spirit of luxury travel took on a new form. The guesthouses, with their floor-to-ceiling windows and expansive terraces, embodied the seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living. With ocean or forest views, private plunge pools, and rooftop terraces, they became sanctuaries of refinement, each an exquisite masterpiece in its own right.

Within the enchanting tapestry of Etéreo, Auberge Resorts Collection, the luminaries of luxury travel converged, fashioning a new narrative. Through their individual brands, they redefined the boundaries of elegance, leaving an indelible mark on the world they inhabited.

The symphony of their souls resonated with the hotel’s own essence, creating a synergy that spoke of beauty, passion, and the intangible connection between the human spirit and the vastness of the universe.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a tapestry of colors upon the sea, the powerful women of luxury travel basked in the transcendental glow of Etéreo, Auberge Resorts Collection. In this realm of timeless aesthetics and uncharted horizons, they left their footprints upon the sands of destiny, forever shaping the narrative of limitless exploration that unfolded in their wake.