Meet Carolina Perez, the Grand Dame of DUCO, a brilliant and beautiful champion of all things original. We caught up with her in the penthouse at Hotel Principe Di Savoia Milano to hear about her latest ingenious creations.

Founder of the Sao Paolo Travel Week, this distinguished damsel knows how to make magic. A flick of her elegant wrist and she pulls another
successful magnum opus out of the hat! What, pretell? Well, we certainly wouldn’t want to leave you hanging …

Get ready for the DUCO Travel Summit! The second edition will come to life in April in Florence, and we couldn’t be more excited. DUCO immediately became an “object of desire” with waiting list of people wishing to participate in the next editions. After 16 years working in the family business, Teresa Perez Tours, she knows how to pull a lot of revelatory ideas from her sleeve, not to mention set them into action.

Elegant in black, with a bold statement piece adorning her neck, this luxury travel magician is a sight to behold. As gorgeous as she is genius, we never know what potions are brewing behind those eyes.

Dance me to Italy will be the romantic theme of the annual boutique travel summit in Italy, and we just can’t wait to get swept into the enchantment. Just one illusion away, she’ll be whipping up more of the magic she’s become known for.

A global visionary founder, her new dream was to launch in the land of her ancestors, honoring the magic magnetism of Italy. She brings passion and power to the soul of DUCO, and that’s what makes the difference.

Daring and debonair, the dame of DUCO is conjuring new spells, ready to wow the world. We catch her flying by, seemingly weightless, lifted by the power of her magnificent ideas.

Superstitious? Not at all. Putting on an incredible magic show is all skill, hard work and no bluff. She takes a serene pause, soaking in the soft light and stellar surroundings, to inspire the unfolding of her future spells.

As all great wizards know, alchemy takes time. Carolina’s soothsaying stems from her intimate knowledge of the luxury travel industry and abundant years of experience. Once a magician knows as much as she does, they can pull so much more than a rabbit out of a hat!

Her hocus pocus comes from way more than charm, so don’t be fooled by her perfect poise and exquisite appearance! Behind those delicate eyes lies an incomparable power, an unstoppable force, a noble mission.

Oh Carolina, how we wish your magic show would never end and we wouldn’t have to bid you adieu! Ciao for now, but we’ll definitely see you soon!