The International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM) was set ablaze as luminaries from the industry converged for an event that shimmered with sophistication and panache. Against the backdrop of this high-society travel show, the red carpet unfurled, welcoming the crème de la crème of luxury travel ‘celebs’—visionaries, innovators, and stalwarts who define the zenith of hospitality. Each step they took was a testament to their illustrious presence in an industry where excellence is not just a virtue but a way of life.

Leading the pack with finesse, Valeriano Antonioli, the visionary CEO of the Lungarno Collection, graced the event exuding Ferragamo elegance.

A beacon of innovation, Fernanda Martin Del Campo, the trailblazing Founder Partner & CEO of T-Journeys, captivated all with her entrepreneurial ingenuity.

Stepping in with suave sophistication, Nikheel Advani, the COO and Principal of Grace Bay Resorts, showcased his mastery in luxury hospitality.

Radiating brilliance, Vita Vega, the dynamic Founder & Co-Owner of Felgueres/Viallo, S.A., brought an air of cosmopolitan chic to the affair.

Commanding attention with Italian flair, Giulio Abbate, the astute GM of Italy Luxury Travel, epitomized the essence of refined hospitality.

A picture of charisma, Ruurd Hooijer, the VP of Sales for The Set Collection, energized the event with his magnetic presence.

Dazzling with dynamism, Eva Sitarz, the Director of Sales & Marketing at Cheval Blanc St Barth, illuminated the red carpet with her impeccable style.

Elegance personified, Gerald Krischek, the esteemed General Manager of Prince de Galles, Paris, exuded sophistication and grace.

A vision of wanderlust chic, Tara D’Agostino, the spirited Owner of WanderLuxe Destinations, brought an aura of adventure to the event.

With a charming presence, Fernando Gonzalez, the Co-founder & CEO of First in Service, brought a blend of vitality and innovation to the spotlight.

Resplendent in Parisian glamor, Eugénie Mazalérat-Marois, the Director of Sales & Marketing at Prince de Galles, Paris, shined.

Michel Heredia, the Director of Sales & Marketing at The Mark Hotel, showcased an aura of timeless elegance on the red carpet.