It’s time to meet the shining stars that make Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit shine so brightly! Glittering in gold, the beautiful Alejandra greets us with a smile. Quite the view, don’t you think?

Shifting gears, she puts the final touches on the rooms, making sure every element is well thought out, attended to with personalized care. She brings all the delightful and delicious details together to make your stay a dream.

Genaro is basking in the view as well. Engulfed in the sweet floral sights and scents around him, it’s the perfect way to kick off the day. No wonder he has such a gorgeous smile on his face!

Inside, he is the man with the plan. Tending to each need, indulging each desire, caring for the guests is what he does best. Grand Velas isn’t just another high-end hotel, they take luxury to the next level.

Meet the hostess with the mostest, darling Diana. As enthusiastic as she is elegant, this grand dame knows just what her guests need – at times, before they do! Telepathy is just one of the many wonders that makes her so amazing.

When the day is done, it’s time for an exquisite cocktail and a laugh. She is just as inspiring, on duty and off! Witty and wonderful … not too mention her contagious smile … we decide to enjoy a beverage with her!

Outside, Diego gets the party started for the sporty ones. He’s always ready with the perfect idea of how to get active and what to do to make the most of your stay.

In his free time, he soaks it in like everyone else. It’s too beautiful not too! Glistening waves against gorgeous sandy shores, a bright blue sky, what else can you ask for?

An afternoon isn’t complete without a walk on the grounds. The sunshine is invigorating and Ruth is soaking up every ray. Beautiful in burgundy, she thrives in the rejuvenating breezes and vibrant plants.

Ruth doesn’t just know how to enjoy herself. She knows how to create the ideal enjoyment for her clients as well. Translating the earthy, healing experiences of nature into treatments for her guests, she makes relaxation reach a whole new level.

Chef Guillaume Morance knows how to enjoy himself as well. On grounds as epic as these, how couldn’t he? He soaks up the experience – from the soulful colors to the fresh salt breezes. A calm moment is just what inspires him to make magic in the kitchen.

A now it’s time to eat! A perfectly personalized experience, he pairs flavors with an expert’s flair – never too heavy, too strong, but exquisitely unique and scrumptious. From the freshest ingredients and the most brilliant ideas, this is a meal you will never want to end.

Rosario is ready for a sun-lit stroll. Chic in her orange sundress and shades, she is all set for an afternoon on the town. It’s time for a laugh and deep breath before she channels her energy to honoring the needs of her spa guests.

In the zone she is ready to give. Summoning her healing energy she is prepared to soothe her guests woes and leave them revitalized, feeling better than ever. Dreamy daylight, surrounded in lush greenery, this is the place to relax and she is the woman to facilitate it.

Gorgeous Gabriela is alluring in azure tones, blending into the surreal tones of the Grand Velas grounds around her. Creating this magnetic allure is part of her story. Blues of all hues hover around her and she shines brighter than all of them.

At the boutique, Gabriela picks the perfect parting gift to send us on our way. Of course, we never say goodbye, but rather, hasta pronto!, knowing we’ll be back here in no time.