The stunning Portrait Firenze has a reputation of changing the lives of its guests. Everything about this unique hotel is stylish and impossibly glamorous in an effortless way…Wait…Is this a European film? In fact, it’s the lovely Caroline Courteau making a grand entrance! Doesn’t she look like a film icon?
The personality of Portrait Firenze is chic, playful, elegant and warm – much like Caroline herself! During your stay, the staff will make sure you have everything you dreamed of – and more. Open smiles and open hearts make for blissfully happy guests. Don’t you agree?
After all, travelling to beautiful places and staying in the most amazing locations is all about a personal journey of rediscovery and reinvention. New cities accentuate what is best in all of us – much like the perfect lipstick colour can highlight our best features. Caroline agrees, wholeheartedly!
The ambiance of Portrait Firenze is contemporary and understated. The palette of every suite and space features neutral shades accentuated by the warmth of materials such as fine fabrics and exquisite handmade pieces of furniture. After all, you are in Firenze – the city of texture and colour, which has inspired artists for centuries! No wonder…
The natural light of Firenze is unrivaled. As the afternoon sunlight comes through the windows of the suites at Portrait Firenze, guests can get ready for evenings they will remember for the rest of their lives. Caroline has helped plan many of them; as she looks back on those moments, her smile says it all.
There is as much elegance in Portrait Firenze as there is romance. One would expect nothing else from one of the most evocative cities in the world. Long after you check out, your dreams will transport you here, to that moment, to that look…
…to the city where so many travellers, lovers and artists leave their minds and their hearts, yearning for that touch of sun on their faces; and reminiscing on unparalleled landscapes…
In Firenze dreams dance, in a unique and incomparable sequence of twirls and sighs; with the underlying expectation of the wonderful possibilities that only a fabulous location like Portrait Firenze can materialize into a joyous reality. The Italians would say – “what are dreams for, if you can’t make them come true?”.
Caroline: living the dream, dancing the dance. That’s how we will remember Firenze.