Say hello to Nikia Morales AKA the Travel Goddess, President of the Travel Agency; this can-do lady doesn’t let anything stand in her way. As gorgeous as she is strong, we were wooed by her presence.

Gazing off into the distance, surrounded by nature, this celestial being feels right at home. Pensive moments in nature bring out her most innovative ideas, inspiring her to ask, “what’s next?”

Glowing in gold, and deep in thought, Nik is summoning her transformative creative energy.  In a glamorous green head wrap by Stella McCartney, she dreams her magic into existence.

Peering off the balcony of the magnificent Parc de la Ciutadella, the queen surveys her kingdom. Golden statues and thriving greenery surrounds her. She couldn’t look more regal.

Welcome to the Boqueria Market! We can’t think of a better guide to this gorgeous locale than the Diosa Nik. Despite the bustle of the market around her, Nik stands alone, a goddess among mere mortals.

Rapturous in a red Zara dress, she is the star of the show. Strolling through colorful flowers, the sights and smells inspire her. She feels relaxed and rejuvenated. Now, what else could a divine being like Nik want?

Maybe a dip in the cool surf?  Sultry in the sunshine, she looks off at Hotel Arts Barcelona down the coast from her. After a beautiful and restorative day, it’s time to turn it up a notch.

Transformative powers aren’t just for superheroes. This grecian goddess goes from day to night in a swish of her champagne Cortana dress. Floating above the ground, exuding stunning strength, Nik knows exactly what she wants.

Draped in liquid shimmer, framed in the historic backdrop of the gothic quarter, she is otherworldy. A muse to inspire any artist.

Work! Live! Pose! Nik does it all. With the stunning architecture behind her, our photographer (and the rest of Barcelona) couldn’t look away. If this was eleganza extravaganza, she’d get 10s across the board.

As the sun sets and the mediterranean air wafts in, Nik cruises through the narrow medieval streets filled with trendy bars, clubs and Catalan restaurants.

Hotel Neri Barcelona, a Relais & Chateaux property, is tucked away in the exquisite, labyrinthine streets. A perfect place to feel your divine essence!

One last laugh and we’re off! We can’t wait to see Nik again soon. Hasta la próxima!