Welcome to the splendid Casa Azul, and enchanting getaway that transforms space and time, taking us back to the simplest moments of innocence and beauty.

“When voices of children are heard on the green / And laughing is heard on the hill / My heart is at rest within my breast / And everything else is still”

We are just as enchanted looking at little Sofia as William Blake would have been. She gazes off, dreaming of the fun she’ll have exploring the gorgeous house and its grounds.

Rushing into the sunshine, the laughter, the fun. Adventure awaits just outside the door. Sofia and Thalia are on a path of discovery, sure to find exactly what they need in this spectacular place.

Peeking into the Casa de Madera, we get a stolen glace of this little cherub dreaming up her own secret world.

“Then come home my children, the sun is gone down / And the dews of night arise / Come come leave off play, and let us away / Till the morning appears in the skies”

“No no let us play, for it is yet day / And we cannot go to sleep / Besides in the sky, the little birds fly / And the hills are all covered with sheep”

Thalia can’t help but to give darling little Sofia her way. She watches over her lovely friend as she plays, relaxing in the beauty of a perfect day.

Sofia, sofia, delighting in games, imagining dreamscapes of starlight and bliss, where she is the queen of a kingdom of fairies.

She and Thalia will rule together forever, bringing joy, beauty and love to all of their subjects. Thalia happily obliges.

As the light fades, Thalia whisks her away, reminding her …there’s always tomorrow

Fashion Designer, Kika Rodriguez