Located in what formerly was the private home of Italian duchess Rosa de Ferrari, Hotel Esencia offers its guests the delights of life in a more casual but exquisitely appointed setting. It’s basically an aristocratic secluded playground, hidden in the jungle, with perfectly appointed amenities and services.
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I would have loved to know duchess Rosa de Ferrari personally, but sadly she passed away a week ago“, says Yurij Gabassi, Operations Manager at Hotel Esencia. Indeed, the whole place has a vibe so intimate and sophisticated, true to the duchess’s personality, that explaining it in words is a bit of a challenge – but not for Yurij!
At Hotel Esencia we’ve had guests ranging from rockstars to CFO’s. They all come seeking for nature, simplicity, authenticity, elegance, and relaxation“, says Yurij. Indeed, nature is all around Hotel Esencia: they make it a point to never cut down any of their trees; kindly asking their guests to enjoy their beauty and ‘give right of way’, so to speak. The beach and reef outside of the hotel are the most spectacular we’ve ever seen.
For Yurij and his staff at Hotel Esencia, details are at the very core of the service they offer. “We’re a bit different in the sense that we’re not a typical decorator-packaged luxury resort with an inventory list multiplied by the number of keys. As we are cultivating the aristocratic heritage; our architecture, design, art and surroundings are more similar to what you would find in a private home. We work with local fishermen and suppliers trying to make our fridges the very first any produce touches. All the juices we serve are made fresh daily, and we have a variety of cold pressed as well. All the bread that we offer our guests is baked fresh, daily. Nothing at Hotel Esencia comes from mixes, cans or cartons. The same authenticity plays out in our grounds as well: the beach is quiet, natural and authentic, being a nesting ground for sea turtles. Our guests appreciate the authenticity and we work hard in making sure that we follow this.”
Hotel Esencia is in an idyllic location: a pristine beach, an almost overwhelming jungle, and no nuisance for miles. The guests who stay at Hotel Esencia come escaping the stress and routine of the life they have at home either to reconnect with themselves, to each other, or to connect to the location. Yurij and his team have the priorities quite clear. “We work hard so our guests don’t have to. It may take a day or two for the metropolitan traveler to unwind and acclimatize, but eventually they do. When a guest checks out, it’s like there’s a new person in front of us.
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What is the secret for the perfect atmosphere that guests experience at Hotel Esencia, Yurij? “Thank you! I can’t take any credit for it though – it’s a team effort. We have an amazing team and Owner. Nothing would be possible without the vision from the ownership; and executing it would likewise be impossible without the team. Everything is important, it’s more a matter of understanding. We need to ask ourselves if what we’re doing right now is the correct thing to do. Such as: is this the right time to have the music playing? Or, is this really the best way to take care of this guest? It involves understanding the purpose of each guest and working within what Hotel Esencia is, in order to make it happen.”
Yurij became part of the team at Hotel Esencia very recently. When we asked him about his motivation and vision in this new endeavor, it became clear to us that Hotel Esencia is in good hands. “I grew up in Mölle, a small historic resort village on the west coast of Sweden. It has its roots as a herring fishing village but blossomed in the second half of the 19th century as an aristocratic playground (it was actually referred to as “The Sins Nest”). What emerged during this era were two hotels that are, to this day, renowned within Sweden for their cuisine, history, famous patrons, and owners. I loved to think of all the things that happened in the ballrooms, hotel corridors and salons; from festivities to scandals. I believe that, as much as you try to make something the best, you can’t fake the patina of history. I believe Hotel Esencia is unique in carrying precisely that charm; cultivating it, I would say, is something I’m proud to be part of and definitely look forward to do“.