In the tropical rainforest ambiance of Yucatán, lies a gem. Welcome to the magical Hacienda Temozon – A Luxury Collection Hotel. Join us as César Vergara, Resident Manager, leads us through the inviting paths of history, relaxation, and peace that are nested in this sumptuous hideaway.
Within the creamy walls of Hacienda Temozon, introspective time occurs naturally. Just like César here, many guests spend their time reading; in a blissful state of calm and tranquillity. While you read or write, you can hear birds singing; and you can also hear the vegetation breathing. The soul of the ancient Mayans dwells in Hacienda Temozon – and it’s palpable.
The character of the weathered wooden doors interacts with the tiles, the high ceilings and the incessant rumour of the leaves outside. Here at Hacienda Temozon, time stops for a while, and you get a much deserved time to ‘catch your breath’ before you return to your usual routine. No wonder there’s such peace in César’s gaze!
Put your hat on and take a walk throughout Hacienda Temozon; pretty soon you will be friendly greeted by lavish nature, as well as by the beauty of ancient Mayan surroundings – Hacienda Temozon is a sustainable tourism project; therefore, during your stay, you are contributing to the preservation of this wondrous place and its traditions.
Have you ever witnessed such a beautiful contrast of textures and colours? Now we understand why everybody here is so happy all the time! Everything is pure, open, warm and inviting. Every cobblestone carries an ancient footstep. We can’t help but wonder who will walk in ours in a few hundred years time, here at Hacienda Temozon.
The vivacious and kind demeanour of César and the staff; the extraordinary spiritual vibes; the gorgeous nature; they all make for one exceptional combination that very rarely can be found in a luxury location. What’s not to love about Hacienda Temozon? We want to spend the rest of our lives here…
….going back to basics, appreciating nature and the often unnoticed things that make life so special and magnificent…
…in a place where there is always time to enjoy a delicious sip of iced tea; flavoured by the fun-filled conversation and the heart-warming smiles of friends and co-workers…
César and the staff at Hacienda Temozon know what they have, and they love to share it with the guests. Nobody who stays here leaves without having experienced a deep transformation; a change of perspective. A visit to Hacienda Temozon is like a balm for the soul.
From the arms of Mother earth, and from the hearts of those who give Hacienda Temozon its soul and its flavour, we wave goodbye from a distance…Although in this case, it’s not a definitive farewell; it’s more like an ‘¡hasta pronto!‘.