One of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, Mexico City is a fascinating city that enchants its visitors with endless options. And there is no place we recommend more than the Four Seasons Hotel, under the brilliant Director of Sales, Jason Bossenberry.


Located in the heart of the vibrant city, the Four Seasons Hotel is a beacon of luxury on an international scale, the perfect place for celebrities to visit in style. With the new renovations in the hotel, posh spaces have become even more luxurious.


Part of the renovation was the inclusion of a delectable coffeeshop, called “Pan Dulce”, always full of freshly baked breads and cookies and delectable coffee to go with them. Seen here, Jason delights in an espresso to jump start his fast-paced day.


Four Seasons prizes itself on its selection of contemporary art, including pieces by American artist Olivia Steele, who with her avant-garde letters and phrases, paired with glass and neon, has achieved a level of artistic prowess casually tucked into the hotel’s most beautiful spaces – as if guests are living in their own private art gallery.


The garden at the Four Seasons is exquisite. In addition to traditional Mexican architecture, it’s a source of tranquility in the middle of such a dynamic, bustling city. As one of the eight million people in Mexico City, Jason loves his daily walk through this unique oasis.


Details like hot towel, a straight razor and tonics are what make an old-fashioned barber so fantastic. That must be why the Four Seasons barber is in such high-demand with clients and  local customers. It is no coincidence, though. They are all about the details and that’s what makes their service so superb.


Style and sophistication are the tenants of luxury, as the fashionable Jason knows perfectly well. After 22 years of impeccable luxury service, the Four Seasons knows how to make a bedroom feel like the perfect slice of home.


The best kept secret in bar is hidden in the mind of Mica Rousseau, the head bartender and creator of the incredible drinks offered at Fifty Mils. Mica doesn’t just offer drinks; he offers an experience of delving into cultivated and creative mixology. After work is the perfect moment to share a drink with colleagues and friends. Fifty Mils is a mega hotspot in Mexico City and Oscar Alcocer helps Jason make sure the vibe is just right for kicking back and sipping a luscious cocktail.


Every day, Jason enjoys the activity on one of the most iconic and beautiful avenues in the city, Avenida Paseo de la Reforma, where the hotel is located. We’ll certainly miss Jason, and he’ll miss the quintessential avenues of Mexico City, as he heads off to a new adventure at the Four Seasons in Boston.