We all want impeccable service, which explains the founding concept for First in Service, a luxury travel brand with a purpose. Established by siblings, CEO Fernando Gonzalez and President Erika Reategui, First in Service has a reputation for stellar style the utmost in extravagant excellence. Now they are taking their high-profile, uncompromising standards to their new European headquarters in Madrid.


Seen here, stylish in the Hotel Villa Magna, these two love brainstorming together, supporting each other in the creation of new inspiring ideas. And with their new European branch in Madrid, what better place to do so? Choosing a Spanish-speaking country for their new base was an intentional move to showcase the specially customized service they offer to their cherished clients.


Fernando Gonzalez, pictured here admiring the art in the Hotel Villa Magna, uses moments like these to spark new revelatory ideas about how to keep their service cutting edge, better facilitating the needs, dare we say wants, of their exclusive clients.


Meanwhile, Erika Reategui brings her fun-loving attitude and creativity to the table. Enjoying the poshist spots that Madrid has to offer helps influence her ideas and strategies for the new European branch. Having temporarily relocated to Madrid to ease the change, she’s enjoying all the city has to offer.


And after a hard day’s work a sweet sip of cognac will relax Fernando, letting his mind wander into the realm of pure possibility. What can he do for his clients, for his company, that has never been done before? This is what sets First in Service apart.

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Fernando is looking chic outside of the Museo del Prado. You know what they say about a sharp dressed man!

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Elegance must run in the family. It also must be how they excel at meeting their client’s every unspoken desire.


Oh good! It seems Fernando and Erika have found the perfect place to enjoy the world’s most prestigious champagne – The Krug Bar &Hall at the Hotel Ritz Madrid (Mandarin Oriental). Madrid is full of dreamy spots to stop and sip.


Beautifully crafted wood paneling and luxurious furnishings create a warm and inviting space to sit and chat. Erika and Fernando love these intimate moments to bounce new ideas off one another.


There is certainly a lot to talk about, like the details of their signature WONDERWALL program, featuring 52 exquisite partner properties around the world. It’s a program that keeps their clients excited and coming back, sure they’ll have the perfect experience on any vacation.


We’re delighted to congratulate Erika and Fernando on their new office in Madrid! As the leading New York-based corporate travel specialists to the Spanish-Latin American market, they have nowhere to go but up! What a perfect way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of First in Service. Kudos! We love what they do.