Welcome to the gourmet luxury wonderland, Fauchon L’Hôtel Paris! Received by dame in charge, Maud Welter, Director of Sales & Marketing, we received the royal treatment; we came ready to savor every delicious moment!

From tea time to exquisite desserts, from unforgettable meals to spectacular delights from their world-famous store, we couldn’t get enough. And with a guide as beautiful and sharp as Madame Maud, we were on cloud nine.

Macaroons anyone? A sweet meringue-based French confection, these bite-sized pleasures change by the day. A delicious little surprise awaits Fauchon’s guests. What will the flavor be today? We can’t wait to find out.

It’s always a perfect time for a cocktail! Adorned with edible flowers, this beverage is a beautiful as the ladies that enjoy it. Fauchon is all about the ladies – they celebrate the feminine like no other!

A room with a view? Yep! They’ve got that too. Gazing out from one of her favorite suites, Maud has the perfect view of the iconic Tour Eiffel. Snap away! But there’s nothing like seeing its emblematic presence in person.

Want to grab a bite to go? The famous Fauchon delicatessen and edible gift shop services the hotel, providing the most appetizing treats in existence. Getting a gift? You may need double! One for me … one for a friend …

Gazing out over the Parisian city streets, the chic vibes of the of the day only amplify with the fading light. Winds blow gently and Maud soaks up the resplendent view, inspiring her next great idea for the future of Fauchon.

Just in time for a heavenly dish! Fresh and light, yet still sumptuous it leaves us feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the day. We love food that not only keeps us light on our feet, but inspires our taste buds as well.

And, now that we’ve been oh-so well-behaved it’s time to get a little naughty. this is what Fauchon is known for! As they say, “No apologies. No regrets. Not a moment to lose — nor a morsel to waste.” We dig into their famous Carrémenchoc, a crispy chocolate biscuit with dark chocolate mousse and luscious cream.

Or should we have their signature Red Berries Bisous Bisous? As beautiful as it is delicious, this dream of a dessert will make you want to seal it with a kiss! It doesn’t take a foodie to know, this is one of the most exceptional desserts around!

But our gallant guide still has more incredible experiences in store for us. Gorgeous in her designer garb, it’s just another day in Paris for Maud. “Allons-y”, she says, and we are close behind her.

Another course, succulent and savory, sends us over the moon. With meals like this we may never leave! The perfect combination of flavors and textures, our palate simply says yes, yes, yes!

Next we meet the incomparable mille-feuille, a vanilla slice, similar to but slightly different than the Napoleon. This world famous French pastry is at its height at Fauchon. Sweet and creamy, it’s the perfect end to any meal.

And though we could never say Au Revoir to this incredible hotel and our happy host, we will certainly take some of the enticing macaroons for the road! À bientôt!