After years of valuable experience in luxury tourism and hospitality, Dominic Ladet decided to spearhead his own global project – the Dom Creative Collection –  in Brazil. A travel enthusiast himself, Ladet has a keen eye for fine detail and extraordinary experience.


The Dom Creative Collection is Ladet’s carefully curated brand of boutique hotels that boast exquisite features and incomparable guest experience for those seeking an authentic, yet luxurious stay. Ladet (pictured above) is aboard the Maria Panela — an exemplary feature of his quest for unique guest experience. The Maria Panela is apart of the Mar & Terra excursion offered at one of Ladet’s most highly acclaimed hotels, Pousada Literaria in Paraty, Brasil.


Nestled along the beautiful Bay of Ilha Grande and bordered by the stunning Costa Verde mountains, Paraty has breathtaking views of both the sea and land. With its verdant, lush mountains overlooking the shimmering seascape, Paraty is a picturesque getaway for travellers of all ages.  


Aboard the Maria Panela, guests are asked to kick off their shoes and bask in the Brazilian sun. With a refreshing caipirinha in hand, all that’s left to do is soak in the striking surroundings. Ladet strives to offer this type of luxurious atmosphere because it’s exactly what he enjoys!


Take a dive in the deep blue bay  or jump aboard the Maria Panela’s multiple offerings of support equipment, including kayaks, stand-ups and canoes of local fishermen. Steer your kayak to the shore to sink your toes into the sand and take a closer look at the nature found at the water’s edge. Unique and authentic experiences are intertwined into all of Ladet’s boutique hotels — this one being a chance to explore both the land and sea of Paraty, Brazil. Make a splash! You’re only here once!


And for your days spent at the beautiful Pousada Literaria, there are countless amenities to revel in. The heated pool offers an ideal activity for both couples and families- perfect for day or nighttime swimming. After your pooltime leisure, treat yourself to a massage in the celebrated spa, where massage therapists assist you in creating your own custom treatment. Yes, please!


Ladet values the beauty and cultural richness of Brazil. As a result, he has purposefully settled his hotel escapes in the most desired of locales. A colonial gem, Paraty is known for its enchanting cobblestone streets and historical architecture. The Pousada Literaria is a  fully remodeled colonial home and located in the heart of Paraty’s lively downtown culture.


Guests of Ladet’s Pousada Literaria can relish in the lavish lifestyle of the hotel day and night, but because of the extraordinary location of the hotel, they are also encouraged to venture into the city center for an all-encompassing experience of what Partay has to offer.


A man of talent and vision, Ladet has truly created a brand worthy of highest praise. His hotels vary across the globe from the quaint and authentic life of a place like Pousada Literaria in Paraty Brasil to the grand and lavish elsewhere around the globe.


Whatever the venture and wherever the hotel, Ladet wants to deliver a renowned experience with memorable features to all of his guests – from Brazil to Turkey and all in between!

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