Some places are all heart. You can immediately sense the warmth, openness and joy that floats in the air. Every step brings a smile; and every view inspires a postcard. That’s pretty much the exact description of Belmond Casa Sierra Nevada San Miguel de Allende
Ulises Reyes (pictured above at Casa Limón) is the very personification of excellence in service; and also an excellent ambassador for Mexican hospitality. He knows the cobblestoned streets of San Miguel de Allende like the palm of his hand.
The changing weather of San Miguel de Allende can always surprise you…Any self-respecting local knows the secret to San Miguel cool: it’s all about layers; and not only when clothing is concerned…
Layers of meanings, history, materials, textures…Every piece of furniture you see at Belmond Casa Sierra Nevada San Miguel de Allende (above: Ulises at the Casa del Parque location) contains a story yet untold, spanning decades; polished by a careful hand, with special attention paid to every single detail so the guests from all around the world feel right at home in the heart of Mexico. Who said authentic charm has to be shabby? Here, it’s five stars all the way.
Cantera stone reigns supreme all over San Miguel de Allende; and at Belmond Casa Sierra Nevada it’s the absolute star of the premises. Cantera is tasteful, elegant, discreet, timeless…It’s also remarkably warm and alive. In such surroundings, no wonder Ulises always has a smile on his face! San Miguel has that effect on you: it constantly greets you and inspires you to look in new directions, while cradling you in the comforting wisdom of its past.
At Belmond Casa Sierra Nevada San Miguel de Allende you will also find a refined contemporary touch; bringing history to the present. After all, keep in mind that San Miguel de Allende is the hottest destination in Mexico for both domestic and international tourists – there’s always something cool and hip taking place a couple of blocks away. That’s why Ulises can be frequently seen walking to and from Casa Limón and Casa del Parque – the two locations of Belmond Casa Sierra Nevada within San Miguel.
For Ulises, few things in life can compare to the sense of satisfaction and happiness for a job well done: each guest of Belmond Casa Sierra Nevada San Miguel de Allende is a new opportunity to show the most discerning travellers that, in Mexico, hospitality is more than a trait: it’s the very heart and soul of its people. Every guest that checks out leaves making plans of returning soon…Who wouldn’t?
So, in the beautiful courtyards of Belmond Casa Sierra Nevada San Miguel de Allende’s Casa Limón, we don’t bid farewell to Ulises and the excellent staff: we say ‘¡Hasta pronto!’.