If you happen to be jetting off to Italy this summer, Milan is a must. Baglioni Hotel Carlton of Milan is a dazzling, elegant choice. We had so much fun taking to the streets  and the interior spaces of the Baglioni Hotel Carlton with the beautiful Baglioni Hotels’ Director of Business Development (Milan Head Office), Dee McGuinness, and the fabulous General Manager, Mr Lorenzo Soleri. They really know how to make the city shine!

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When fashion doesn’t go out of fashion, it becomes style …and don’t we know it! With Dee McGuinness dressed to the nines, showing off her Italian glamour and strolling through the streets of the heart of the city, we can’t help but get it.

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It’s not hard to see why high profile guests love the Baglioni Hotel. Built in the epicenter of Milan, on Via della Spiga, the Hotel is close to several of the city’s highlights, like the Quadrilateral, Teatro all Scala, and Leonardi da Vinci’s Last Supper. But, let’s face it. It may be hard to explore the city when you don’t want to leave your hotel room.


Lorenzo Soleri is looking stellar in front of the hotel main entrance from Via Senato, accompanying Dee in surveying the hustle and bustle of the most alluring and seductive streets of the city. The hotel is unique since it has pedestrian entrances off of Milan’s best of the best.

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Lorenzo is style incarnate, standing in one of the classic Baglioni Suites, elegantly furbished with one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture, all personally selected by the Polito Family, owners of the Company since 1974.

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Wow. Can we swoon for a moment over the Leonardo Suite that overlooks Via della Spiga? Not only does this suite have the greatest view in Milan, it even has its own adjoining board meeting room that seats up to 10 people around a stately antique table. This room certainly incites inspiration.

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Lorenzo is clearly a fan of the finer things (those made only in Italy naturally), like the splendid Italian tailor made suit pictured above. Looking stylish is simply a byproduct of indelible taste.

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Spacious terraces link perfectly furnished suites, adorned with grand chandeliers and historic art, these spaces are only a few of the reasons people seek out the Baglioni Hotel Carlton for the juiciest experience of Milan.

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Looking out from just one of those sweeping private terraces, Lorenzo gazes down on Via della Spiga, soaking up the view. What a powerful way to start the day!

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Sauntering out of the hotel main entrance on Via Senato, he has quick access to all of his favorite spots. Just like his delighted guests, he’s only a few paces away from anything he could want in Milan.

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Oh Dee, don’t go! Exploring Milan through the lens of the Baglioni Hotel, guided by the dreamy Dee and Lorenzo, was a captivating experience.