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Extraordinarily Off the Beaten Path

Extraordinarily Off the Beaten Path

Extraordinarily Off the Beaten Path


TAG production: Executive Producer: Chad Rodarme, Director: D.Favela, Photography: Ruben Ortiz Sanchez, Costume Designer: Debra Bigge-Holloran, Writer & Stylist: Mittie Roger.


Marisa isn’t so much running away from something as much as running toward it. She has a feeling that an extraordinary off the beaten path
adventure awaits …if she can just catch up with that speedy Chozo.


“Wait, Mr. Chozo!”
“Oh no,” he says looking at his clock, “but I’m late!”
Marisa glances back, knowing she shouldn’t pursue her curiosity. Who knows where it might lead her!


Mr. Chozo reaches the gate, the entrance to Temozonland. Marisa smiles at the idea of all the wonderful things that lie inside without having any idea the strange things she’ll actually find.


Suddenly, he’s gone! Marisa sees a rabbit-sized hole in the ground. She peers inside, wondering just how deep it might go. “Oh, Mr. Chozo?” She leans in closer to listen for an answer.


Marisa discovers exactly how deep the hole is and lands in a beautiful cenote. As she climbs out of the water, she realizes that this isn’t like any place she’s ever been before.


In pursuit of Mr. Chozo, she climbs inside of a horse drawn carriage and watches a mythical landscape fly by her window. She couldn’t imagine who she might meet next.


Mara was always surveying her subjects, watching their every move from her opulent castle. She didn’t have patience for any nonsense.


From her regal perch, Lance helps her, always stoic in his duty.


Meanwhile, Marisa makes a new friend! The lovely and always generous Sheila tends to the adventurous young lady. Marisa finds herself wondering about Mr. Chozo. “Where did he go?”


Much to Mr. Chozo’s surprise, he runs into Jason along the way. Jason just so happens to be loco. As soon as Mr. Chozo discovers that he is part of a silly game, he dashes off, late for a mysterious appointment.


Sheila arrives shortly, inquiring about Marisa and who might have seen her. No one wants her to fall into the hands of Mara. Zhué, the perrito, warns that Mara has already seen her!


Sheila rushes to Marisa’s side, though she’s already fallen prey to the power of Mara. Marisa wonders how she arrived at this strange place to begin with. She can’t quite remember.


Jason finds Lance, hoping to help as well. Lance has nothing to say though; he has no power against Mara and must do her bidding. But Jason has an idea. “What about a café con leche party?”


At the party, Marisa is reunited with Jason and Mr. Chozo. Safe and sound, the cookies abound; a mad time is had by all.


Sheila keeps Mara on her very best behavior, while Lance sits valiantly by her side. A café con leche party can certainly end in surprises.