Welcome to Casa Malca Tulum, the edgy art lover’s paradise where creative innovators flock not merely to relax and lap in luxury, but to find a gateway to the inspiration they’ve been seeking. Creative juices flow like a fruity mezcalina as soon as you step foot within this eclectic, enchanting, Tim Burton-esque property nestled on the pristine beach of Tulum, Mexico. Think Alice in Wonderland, but tres chic. Think Queen of Hearts, but high fashion. And who better to guide us inside than the exquisite Cassandra Marcella Metzger, Travel Designer + Concierge extraordinaire, just as spellbinding as the haven she’s inhabiting. Always ahead of the curve, we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us.

We knew Casa Malca would be the perfect setting for our Valentine’s rendezvous with Cassandra and the rest of the Embark Beyond team, and we felt the love illuminated by every crimson corner, including this one, where we imagine someone sitting to finish their film or novel.

In fact, with pops of crimson set against a whimsical backdrop mirroring the white sand beaches that envelop it, every inch of this oasis feels like a scene from the world’s greatest love story. It exudes a sense of cinema, theater, creativity, and passion. And who better to embody the characters of this February love tale than the talented team from Embark Beyond?

And look who we’ve found looking as elegant as ever — Caitlin Pfitzinger, Virtuoso Certified Travel Advisor and crimson excellency herself.

“The creative love and passion for storytelling through visual arts is deeply felt, and travel, by far, the best outfit to carefully curate these tales,” Caitlin shares, taking in the scene around her. 

If the world was a film, then travel would be the plot, and Caitlin always knows exactly what should come next for her clients.

As the Embark Beyond royalty graces the canvas of this crimson kingdom, chivalry is alive and well as Justin Huff, Managing Partner of Embark Safaris, brings the exclusive safari atmosphere to Casa Malca.

As he whisks us away to a luxe wilderness of experiences that only the lush exterior of Casa Malca could embody, we bask in the effortlessness with which he guides us.

And wait, there is Cassandra again, as noble and majestic as the statue she stands aside. With 38 years of world travel and 20+ years in the wellness industry with certifications from 350 global partners, Cassandra designs travel with the ear of a therapist and the eye of a lawyer. 

As she wanders through Casa Malca Tulum’s secret garden with the signature enthusiasm of the Embark talent, she reflects on how her yoga teacher certification has inspired her to craft travel experiences that seamlessly blend exploration, restoration, and inspiration and push the boundaries of what you think is possible.

At Casa Malca Tulum, we’re all bathing in this serene scene as we prepare to dine at Ambrosia, one of three phenomenal restaurants on the property. There we will savor the most exquisite sushi we have tasted, surpassing even the most luxurious and exclusive sushi establishments worldwide. 

We can only imagine what the conversation will be as we dine with some of the most esteemed figures in the travel industry as they discuss the latest industry trends and their latest exclusive insider access to luxury offerings that only an agency of their caliber can offer. And who better to lead that discussion than Justin and Caitlin?

Love, friendship and creativity are converging in this excursion and the energy is electric. The experts at Embark see the travel they design as a mirror of your deepest self being reflected back to you, and we can’t look away.

Behold Caitlin’s breathtaking beauty as she personifies the magic and wonder she describes as the reason she became a luxury travel advisor. Caitlin believes travel is a journey with the purpose of enhancing one’s health, happiness and connection to the world around them and you can see the proof of that philosophy in the light illuminating so brightly from within her.

Knowing all the ins and outs of the travel experience, Cassandra believes an exquisite trip can transform everything. As she beckons us through this crimson curtain, how could we not follow? With every door the Embark team unlocks, we know there is an extraordinary sight awaiting us on the other side.

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And we were right! It’s the stunning Caitlin feeling reinvigorated and renewed by her sojourn at Casa Malca Tulum and elegantly poised to bid us farewell as we relish in our last unforgettable moments with the Embark crew. From our time together it’s clear the bond they share and the joy that curating authentic luxury travel experiences brings to their soul. It’s the Embark way. Their energy is infectious and we can’t wait to see what they dream up next.