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Living life is an art. Every day, we carve our way out of the clay block, paint our way into an expressionist landscape, and capture the dreamy scene in our memory before it fades into the past. Victor Hugo said,

Paris is a swoon-worthy destination and rightfully so. Commonly dubbed the ‘city of love’, this cosmopolitan metropolis is fluttering with romantic appeal. Paris’ mesmerizing landmarks, delectable dining, and cultural richness all contribute to the overall sophistication of the city. It

Oh, the spectacular Hotel Montalembert in Paris! Yes, please! And who better showcase this spectacular jewel than essential darling and general manager, Laurence Guinebretière? The Hotel Montalembert, a gorgeous gem built in 1926, was the first 5 star Boutique hotel on the Left Bank.

The thing about Paris is that you have to cover a lot of ground in days that seem super short! It's great when you can find a boutique hotel with privileged location and the absolute best service! We're talking, of

Some combinations just work beautifully, and when they succeed they become legendary . Black and white photos are one example. What happens when an Asian-inspired philosophy of hospitality and living combines with the European standards of elegance and efficiency? The